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Quotes - The Aubrey Rules by Aven Ellis

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Happy publication day to the amazing Aven Ellis with the Aubrey Rules. This time's #AvenSpecial will only consist of this post, because I've been really busy the past few days with rehearsal weekend, school start and getting everything ready for the kids. It was still really important to me to have something special on pub day for Aven and since she is very great with words I picked out my favourite quotes of the book. My review for the Aubrey Rules will be part of the Blog Tour on September 3rd. For now, enjoy the quotes!!! Oh and buy the book, it's FABULOUS!!! The Aubrey Rules - Amazon


“Butterflies are swirling at a manic pace. My heart is about to explode inside my chest.” 
– Aubrey

“You make me laugh. You’re fun. And I feel with you, things are easy. I can say things and you get them.” – Beckett

“And for better or worse, I’m following my heart on this one.” – Aubrey

Oh, I love his eyes. They are so expressive and gorgeous. I swear I could get lost in them.” – Aubrey

“It’s the perfect date because you’re here. This doesn’t work without you.” – Aubrey
“I haven’t created a date like this for any other girl.” – Beckett
“With those words, I know. I know my heart is going to belong to Beckett.” – Aubrey

“This is the kiss I’ve been waiting for my whole life, but never knew it until this moment.” – Aubrey

“She has to be genuine.” – Beckett

“As Beckett presses his lips against mine, I know this is the best first date I’ve ever had. Filled with conversation and laughter and kissing. It’s perfect for me.” – Aubrey

“All I know is one truth. I’m crazy about Beckett.” – Aubrey

“That’s the Beckett I know. He’s funny, he’s sincere, and apparently I’m one of the few people that gets to see that non-serious side to him. Which makes me fall even more for him. “ – Aubrey

“And then one day, this beautiful red-haired girl falls in the elevator in front of me. She loses her keys, kicks a wall, and states I’m a serial killer. And all of a sudden, it’s game on again.” – Beckett

“We know what we feel, and it’s mutual. It’s game on. For both of us.” – Aubrey

“I’d go anywhere to be with you.” – Beckett

“I don’t want to live by rules anymore. I’m following my heart.” – Aubrey

“This is my man. Beckett has changed me in the short time he’s been a part of my life and I’m changing all the rules for him. I’m learning to follow my instincts. I’m following my heart. I know, without a doubt, my heart is meant to be with this man. And hopefully Beckett’s heart will find if needs to be with me, too.” – Aubrey

“The one who holds me and kisses the top of my forehead when we’re watching TV. The one who can reach me and calm me down when I’m upset. The one who makes me break all my rules. “ – Aubrey

“You’re beautiful and sexy and nobody compares to you. You’re the only one I want.” – Beckett

“You bring out the better side of me.” – Beckett
“No, I bring out a different side of you. Not better. Because serious and shy is a wonderful part of who you are, equally as wonderful as your teasing, smart ass side. All of that makes you Beckett.” – Aubrey

“You see me in a way nobody else does.” – Beckett

“He’s gorgeous, but more than that, he’s kind, loving, romantic, intelligent – I can go on and on, but I adore the man for everything he is on the inside. The Beckett I know. The Beckett I love. – Aubrey

“You’re the best thing that has ever happened to me, Beckett.” – Aubrey

“But I wasn’t living until I fell in love with Beckett.” – Aubrey

“I broke every rule because of you.” – Aubrey

“You loved me for me. For being awkward. Serious. All of it. You loved me as I am. I guess the question is, do you still love me? Because I love you. I love you so much, and I’ve never loved anyone this way in my life. I love you, exactly the way you are, inside and out.” – Beckett

“The very things that could drive me away from you are the things that make me love you even more.” – Beckett

“I can say the same about you. I love you. Just the way you are. And I don’t need rules anymore, Beckett. Loving you has taught me that. I need to follow my heart. And that’s with you.” – Aubrey

“Love can’t be found in a rule book. It’s found with your heart.” – Aubrey 


  1. Love all these quotes, so inspiring!!

    1. Aren't they?! I love them!
      You should totally read the book, it's fab!!!

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