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In the Blogger Q&As I post on my blog I always as you guys questions, so I thought I'd turn it around and asked you guys to send me questions. It's my birthday today, so I thought it would be a good idea to post the answers today.


Becca from Becca’s Books: When reading, are you easily distracted?

It depends on the book, my mood and the place I’m at. When the book is really good, I really can’t get distracted, I just wanna read. Depending on my mood I sometimes drift away and think about other things. The best thing then ist o talkt o someone like my best friends or my mum, let it out and then I can focus on reading again. When I’m in my room reading, nothing really distracts me, but when there are people around, I sometimes do get distracted, especially when they try to talk to me. I’m reading ,can’t they see that?!

Ellen Faith: Was there any book in particular that triggered your love of reading?

Oh yes there was, it might be a bit cliché, but it’s true. I hated reading in my childhood and then J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter came along. I got the first book as a present and I fell in love with everything about it. So there we go...
At high school we were forced to read boring books an das my teachers loved anything conntected tot he second world war, all the books were about that. I didn’t read as much anymore until I boight a Paige Toon book, loved it and bought all her other books. Then I started blogging...

Maryline: How important is the cover when deciding on which book(s) to buy?

Oh god, you got me there! I love beautiful covers and they look so pretty in my bookshelf. And yes, most of the time the cover is the first thing I see connected to the book, if the cover is gorgeous, I’m more likely to read the blurb. But I have learned to read all the blurbs, reviews etc. first and not always only look at the cover. The most important thing is definitely the blurb and things I heard about the book from other bloggers.

Maryline: Which do you prefer: bookshop or online shopping (for books, ofc)?

When I started blogging I bought almost all my books in my local bookstore or the English book store in Zurich. Then the kindle app came along and I started buying them on amazon, not only ecopies, but also paperbacks. With Book Depository a great possibility came along, because you don’t have to pay for the shipping.
Books in Switzerland are really expensive, with amazon and Book Depository I have a cheaper option. I still like walking around and exploring bookstore. When I’m in England, I love going to Foyles and Waterstones and the books are cheaper over there as well.

Maryline: How do you decide what's going to your next read?

That’s a really good question my dear. I have my never ending paperback TBR, then I have my blog schedule, where I write down all pub dates, there I also have an empty page, where I write down books I wanna review in this month. Looking at all of this I decide what to read next, always considering pub dates, blog tours and trying to get a mixture between these books and older books, I’ve been dying to read. It’s working out pretty well, I’m really happy with that. I try to always read a TBR/to-review book and then one that is waiting on my bookshelf.

Julie Shackman: If you had to take your favourite book away on holiday Simona, which one would it be?

That’s a bit of an impossible question my dear ;) Can I take my kindle?! I have so many faves. If I’d really have to pic one I’d pick a Paige Toon or an Aven Ellis book. These two ladies are just fab. With Paige Toon I’d would probably be Chasing Daisy, just love that story and with Aven Ellis definitely The Definition of Icing, that book is amazing!

Laura Lovelock: How many books on average do you read a week?

It really depends on how busy I am. During holidays I read up to 5 books a week. On average I'd say about three books a week, sometimes it's also only two. 

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