Saturday, 8 August 2015

Paperback vs Kindle

Welcome to my first bookish discussion post. I plan on posting them regularly, mostly bookish, but maybe also some other discussion topics. If you wanna see a special question discussed, let me know.

Paperback vs Kindle – This is probably one of the most discussed and always current topics in the book blogging community.

When I started book blogging I only read paperbacks, I didn’t have an amazon account and bought all my books in my local bookshop or I ordered them there. This has changed a lot in the two years I’ve been blogging.

Now, let me talk about paperbacks first. I love paperbacks and I have tons of them. Paperbacks just look amazing, the covers are stunning, sparkling and colourful. When they are next to each other in the bookshelf you get a great picture. Holding the actual book in your hand is a great feeling and don’t we just all love the small of them. Stroking the spine and always having the possibilities to go back to the book is wonderful. I bought all my favourite books in paperback, because I think it’s a great memory and I always want to see them and being able to reread them. I find that I reread books more, when they are in paperback. I still have all my Harry Potter paperback and like that the feeling of nostalgia comes cup. The good thing with paperbacks as well, is that you don’t have to worry about the battery, you can just read non-stop! What I realised during my holidays in Florida and also when it was really warm and sunny outside, it’s definitely easier to read a paperback because of the light. The reflection with an ereader/iPad is sometimes a bit annoying. And let’s be honest, don’t you just love to go into a library or a bookshop and see all these wonderful books?!

Here is what one of my fellow book bloggers had to say about paperbacks (@laaurenpiper):

On the kindle you have all the books in one place. That’s really convenient when traveling, you just download all the books you want and there you go. On top of that it’s much lighter to carry around, instead of tons of paperbacks. Kindle books are definitely cheaper and when it comes to blogging it’s great to have a kindle account. I request books on NetGalley and “puff” they are on my kindle. A lot of authors also prefer to just send you their books via email. At night you don’t have the problem of no light, just turn on the ereader and there you go.

Of course I also asked a fellow blogger to comment on kindles/ereaders (@BookaholicBabe):

For my it’s really a tie between paperbacks and kindle. I think sometimes I prefer one and then another day I prefer the other. I try to read 50-50 and it’s working out pretty well. Whenever I read a lot of kindle books in a row, I really wanna read a paperback, so I switch. I really love receiving book post, being a book blogger it gives me a great feeling and I just adore looking at my book collection in my room. I think I will never lose my love for paperback, even if it’s great to have a lot of books to choose from on my kindle.

What do you prefer? Do you like holding the actual book in you hands or do you prefer having the convenience of an ereader? Let me know what you think and leave a comment.


  1. I actually prefer audiobooks. I even use a text to speech app to convert many of my ebooks into audio as well. I do enjoy the touch and feel of a paperback sometimes, but I read more digital books.

  2. I haven't bought a real book in a couple of years. That's when I started working abroad in different places and got a kindle which was obviously much more convenient. I still have all my books, can't bear to throw them away but I can't see myself buying many more paperbacks unless it is from an author that I have already and want to continue the collection on my shelf.

    Amy at Amy & More