Tuesday, 11 August 2015

The Story of My Book Corner - Jennifer M.

My book corner started as a very small space on my shelf where I would keep the few books I actually owned. Then, over the years, that space grew and grew. It became a whole shelf, then one and a half shelves, then two shelves (the only shelves I had in my bedroom, at the time). Those two shelves did me proud for a good few years but it wasn't under they literally started falling off my wall and I was concerned not only for my own skull but for my laptop that lived underneath them then I realised it was time for a change. 

That's where my bookcase comes in.

I bought my own bookcase at the beginning of this year and it was perfect. Absolutely perfect. Everything fit, there was so much room and all my books looked neat and tidy. But, as every book blogger or book lover knows, it doesn't end there, does it? More and more books came flying, Harry Potter style, through my letter box and between the beginning of the year and now, I've re-arranged my bookcase approximately 27594048 times.

Currently, as it stands, my shelves go like so: 

Top shelf: Books I've bought or won but haven't read yet
2nd shelf: More books I've bought or won but haven't read yet
3rd shelf: Even more books I've bought or won but haven't read yet
4th shelf: Review copies
5th shelf: Books I've read and want to keep
Bottom shelf: My laptop and other crap

This system works for me, as before I'd arranged them like that, it was such a mess and anyone who knows me knows I love to be organised.

I spend most of my reading time in my bed. Or on a swinging hammock chair in my garden when the weather is nice. If anything, I get more reading done when I'm away from my room and haven't got my laptop to distract me.

And I think, like any girl in the world, my dream reading corner would be this...

Thanks for reading! I hope you liked my post :) And thank you to the lovely Simona for having me on her blog today. 

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  1. wow you have an incredible book collection! I love the beauty and the beast reference! she does have quite the dream library ;)

  2. Hi Simona,

    I enjoy reading the feature posts on your blogs. Book corner so far has been fun. I like knowing a person through the books they read and their bookish thoughts. Jenny has a pretty bookcase and I love the photos on her blog. They are always nice to look at.

    I discovered book bloggers about a year back and yours was one of the first few I started reading and following. Keep up the fab work.


    1. Hi Bee
      Thanks so much, so glad your enjoying my posts, that means a lot!
      With my blog name I thought it was time to have a feature like that! It's great getting the posts from fellow bloggers. Let me know, if you wanna be part of it!

  3. Sounds nice, will email you shortly