Thursday, 28 June 2018

The Happiness List - by Annie Lyons

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The blurb: 

Life is about to change forever…

Heather is finally back on Hope Street after running from the memories for so long. She hasn’t bumped into many neighbours yet but with her upcoming wedding to plan there’s plenty to keep her busy!

Fran is still trying to get used to a life without her husband by her side. It’s hard enough raising two children on her own – she doesn’t have time to even think about dating…

Pamela is fed up with being taken for granted by her grown-up children and grumbling husband. She’s ready to shake things up a little, but will her family even notice?

So when the three women hear about a ‘happiness course’ starting on Hope Street, surely it’s the perfect opportunity to let their hair down, laugh with new friends and maybe even change their lives in ways they never expected…

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My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Three women, three different stories, but they all meet in a happiness course on Hope Street.

Heather is engaged, but her fiancé is never there, his only excuse: “I will make it up to you.” She is back on Hope Street, back where all her memories are. 
Fran’s a widow, who has to raise two children and is still not over her husband’s death. 
Pamela has grown-up children and a very grumpy husband. She definitely needs a change. 

The form a friendship and become part of each other’s lives. They can all relate to each other on a certain way, which makes their bond even stronger. Their lives are about to change, because they learn about happiness and mindfulness and they are ready for these alterations. 

The story had a natural and beautiful flow, I loved following these characters. The friendship aspect in this book is fabulous and Annie Lyons captured it beautifully. 

It’s predictable at parts, but the ending was very open. Certain parts in between were a bit obvious, but that also kept the story authentic and real. This is a very lovely ad uplifting book, it put a huge smile on my face and I couldn’t stop smiling. 

Friendship, romance, relationships, family and all connected to being happy and how to get there. I absolutely ADORED this cute story!


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