Saturday, 2 June 2018

Contiki Highlights

In my last travel post I shared my highlights from my California travels, highlights when it comes to places and experiences. This one is dedicated to my Contiki highlights: 

- Bonfire: We had a great bonfire night at the Pines Resort, just by Bass Like. It was a lovely evening, where we hung out and played little games to get to know to each other. 

- Star gazing and Grand Canyon fun: After the sunset picnic we hung out outside or rooms, looked at the stars and just had a lot of fun. 

- The people: I met so many great and wonderful people on this journey. 

- Wedding chapel surprise: In Vegas our trip manager organized a contiki surprise and it was awesome!!! We went to wedding chapel, one of our couples had to get "married" and there was Elvis of course!

- Trip manager and driver: Our trip manager Jon and our driver Ray were fab!!! We had a lot of fun with them, Jon told us so many things about all the places and Ray was just a darling!

- City tours: We had a city tour in every main city, which was fab. We learned a lot about the places, saw everything and got a great overview. 

- Route 66 stop and other stops: Whether it was in the itinerary or a spontaneous stop, I really appreciate all of them. They were well chose and gave us the possibility to see a lot, take pictures and experience the country. 

- Optional activities: What a great choice of optional activities. There was something for everyone and there are definitely some highlights in there. 

A general post about traveling with contiki will be up soon as well. 

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