Saturday, 16 June 2018

Mia San Mia - a little trip to Munich

Watching a Bundesliga game in the Allianz Arena was always something I really wanted to do. They are my fave team from that league and they are the best Germany has to offer. My brother is a huge fan and part of their fancy, so he got tickets. He couldn't go, so he gave them to my dad and me. 

We decided to make a day trip out of it. We left early in the morning and drove to Munich. It's a long drive, about four hours. We arrived at around 10.30. The first glimpse of the stadium was very impressive and special. We parked there and then walked to the stadium to properly look at it and take some pictures. Then we took the underground into the city centre, where we had lunch at the Augustiner. One of the famous "beer restaurant/gardens". A big pretzel, some Bavarian veal sausages and of course beer. Then I had some time to do a little shopping, before heading to the stadium again.

Some more pictures there, before heading inside the Allianz Arena. Women have an extra line to wait, so it took a bit longer. We then walked around, look at a big fan shop and also took some glimpses on the field from different heights and perspectives. Then  it was time for some food (a huge pretzel and beer), before sitting down. We saw the players warm up and then the game started. They played with the B team, but it was still pretty exciting. Some of the well know players still played or they at least sat on the bench. They played against Frankfurt ad the result in the end was 4:1. We got to see a lot of goals and the atmosphere was fab!!! The weather was fab, just a wonderful day. 

We bought a scarf for my brother and after the game we headed to the fan lounge, before heading home.

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