Monday, 11 June 2018

Hogwarts A Mystery

As a big Harry Potter fan and potterhead, I had to download this game of course. 

The excitement in the beginning was huge and it's actually still there, because the game has some great parts, but also some annoying ones. 

Of course you pick a name first and buy everything you need at Diagon Alley. It's where you meet your best friend Rowan. She is kind of a guide and helps in the beginning. Then it's time for Hogwarts. You get to pick your own house and start your school year. There are side and main tasks. Some are lessons in charms, potions etc. other are helping Hagrid or finding something. 
You basically create your own story. Other characters and Hogwarts professors ask you questions and you pick an answer. Your character is well know as well and your brother once went to Hogwarts. This story is full of mysteries about Cursed Vaults. It's your goal to find out more about them and of course you want to fin your brother. 

At the moment you can get to the end of year three/four with very excited plot changes all the time. You get to know the teachers and lots of other students. Some become enemies and some become friends. You can up your level with friends by talking to them in the Great Hall or playing gobstones. You can of course level up and also gain attributes: courage, knowledge and empathy.

I like the fact that you can make your own decisions and pick answers. It kind of makes the storyline special for everyone, even though the plot is still similar for everyone. Discovering Hogwarts, going to lessons and talking to friends is great fun. The most annoying thing about the game is the loosing energy thing. It happens quickly and it takes a lot of time to regain it, so there is a lot of waiting involved. The choice of clothes is not that great either. On top of that I think that certain things are pretty obvious (answers when you talk to friends or play gobestones with them) and other get repetitive (lessons). 

All in all, I still enjoy it very much, because I want to know what happens next and I actually kind of have a little ritual of when I play, so I don't always have to wait on energy. 

Can't wait to see what happens next. 

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