Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Why I don’t own any pets

I remember when I was a child my brother and I really wanted a pet. My parents, especially my mum always said no and I’m actually really grateful for that.

I never wanted a dog, because I actually have a dog trauma. When I was around 3 years old, a dog (my size or even bigger) pushed me over and walked over me. There as no biting involved, but ever since that I was afraid of dogs. I still don’t like dogs, but I think fear is the wrong words. During my childhood I had friends and neighbours with dogs and I learned to be around them. Our neighbours dog was really cute, so that was easy, he always jumped up though and I never really liked that. My best friend had a dog too, I spent a lot of time at her house and somehow managed to be around her dog. I never really felt comfortable though and was always happy when the dog was in another room.

I’m definitely more of a cat person. I think they are very cute. We even had one around the house for a few days, I think she was lost and we fed her some milk, without our parents knowing at first. Well, that ended soon after. My mum always said that she doesn’t like their hair everywhere though. That goes for other pets as well and after a while I started understanding. Now I would tell my kids the same thing.

I always thought bunnies, rabbits and hamsters were cute. My mum of course had an answer for this too: You have to clean their cage and there is always a smell in the air. The same goes for a dog and with the dog you also have to go for a walk regularly. My mum used to tell us that we have to do all that by yourselves without their help. That was a good argument.

Nowadays I’m very glad my parents said no. I wouldn’t like the hair around the house and I like the house to be pretty. No shredding and biting things. There is a mess around them usually and that’s just not my thing. The smell of dogs also doesn’t make me feel at home and the same would go with other animals.

I also really like traveling and going out of the house. I wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving the pet at home or somewhere else for a while. I always think that if you have pets you should also enjoy the time with them. I think I wouldn’t have the patience to train them too. I have patience with the kids at school, but that’s it.

My favourite animal is a dolphin and that’s just not an animal to have at home ;).

I have nothing against people, who have pets. In fact, I even admire them. It’s not my thing, but I think it’s great that the love their pets and spend time with them. We are all different and have different tastes, so it’s only natural that some of us have pets and some of us don’t. I think however that if you don’t have time to go for walks with your dogs and you are always away, it’s not fair on the animal.

What’s your favourite animal? Do you have any pets? 

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