Saturday, 16 September 2017

I’m a Ravenclaw

Every Harry Potter fans understands this. We all belong to a Hogwarts house. It all started with reading the books and probably wanting to be a Gryffindor, because Harry, Ron and Hermione are in this house.

I always saw myself as a Ravenclaw with a bit of Gryffindor and Hufflepuff elements. That’s got nothing to do with me not liking Slytherin. I was just never able to identify with Slytherin.

When I joined Pottermore when it first started I got sorted into Ravenclaw. After the relaunch I didn’t realise I get to reclaim my house, so I took the test again. Luckily it was Ravenclaw again. I joined with my other email accounts as well, once I got into Hufflepuff and recently into Gryffindor.

There is also a test on buzzfeed, showing you the different percentages on the houses after you answer some questions. I got 42% Ravenclaw, 28% Gryffindor, 17% Hufflepuff and 13% Slytherin.

I’m a proud Ravenclaw, I really think it’s suits my personality. There is for sure a bit of a Gryffindor and a bit of a Hufflepuff in me, but my heart beats for Ravenclaw.

Even if you are in between two houses, the sorting hat takes your choice into consideration and lets you choose, I mean, just look at Harry.

A lot of people just pick their favourite house or the house of a character they like, when it comes to what house you’re in. It might suit their personality, it might not, but ultimately it’s their choice.

What’s your Hogwarts house?

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