Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Things I didn’t like in the Harry Potter storyline

I grew up with Harry and the Harry Potter books, I was always around Harry’s age, when I read the books for the first time, which was very special.

I adore and love the whole series and of course J.K. Rowling has put a lot of thought into the whole storyline. I will always remember it exactly like she wrote it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

However, there are some parts of the storyline, I wish would be different and I didn’t really like at the time. I still would probably prefer another way, but then it wouldn’t be this big unique thing. Here are some things, I didn’t really like:

-       Harry and Ginny getting together: I was never a big fan of Ginny and always thought Harry deserved someone better. I also thought that his feelings for her came a bit out of the blue. On top of that it was weird seeing Ginny having boyfriend after boyfriend, she was so young.
-       Sirius dying: Sirius is probably my fave character of the whole series and it broke my heart to see him die. He was so great with Harry and finally gave him kind of a family and then he was suddenly gone.
-       Remus dying: Remus is also one of my faves and he was very important to Harry, especially after Sirius died. It made me so happy to see him with Tonks and then having Teddy. It’s just not fair…
-       Dobby dying: The last scene of the first Hallow movie, I mean who didn’t cry?! Dobby did everything for Harry and had a big heart.
-       James and Lily: Yes, you guessed right, also one of my faves. I loved all the Marauders (except for Peter) and Lily and always wanted to know more about them. I’m a bit sad that we don’t get to know that much of Lily and James. Their time at school, them falling in love and the Marauders becoming friends.
-       Malfoy: I always thought Draco Malfoy had something special in him. Yes of course he was mean and arrogant, but I think there is a deep meaning behind that and at heart he is actually not that bad. The way he was portrayed at times, was not my taste.
-       Snape: We only learned about Snape’s true self towards the end. He was always the one, who hated Harry. There is so much more behind him.
-       The Marauders Map: So Fred and George never actually used the map: Peter Pettigrew or finding out who opened the chamber of secrets, yeah right…
-       Hogwarts letter: Did Harry really not think, when he opened the letter in front of the Dursleys.

The Harry Potter books are magical and gifted me my love for reading. I want to once again point out that every second of this book is special and right the way it was written.

What do you guys think?!

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