Sunday, 24 September 2017

Fashion Corner - High Waist Jeans

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It's Fashion Corner time, or you could even call it Fashion Corner Sunday ;). Today's feature: High Waist Jeans!

I got these jeans from Jack Wills and I'm totally in love with them. They are high waist. Have a fab colour, they are comfy and you can combine them with so many thing. Here they are with a white crop top from Toyshop, my Esprit blouson and my high heeled sandals from La Strada. 

- Jeans: Jack Wills
- Shoes: La Strada
- Blouson: Esprit
- Shirt: Topshop (similar)

This is a similar look, but just a bit more casual. The shirt is from Jack Wills too and the shoes are from Contesa. The bag os from Hallhuber. 

- Shoes: Contesa
- Shirt: Jack Wills
- Bag: Hallhuber

Last but not least, casual chic with another crop top. This one is from Zara. 

- Shirt: Zara

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