Saturday, 2 September 2017

Holiday Choices

I’m writing this post in the middle of my summer holidays. A lot of people are summer in this world, away from home during this time oft he year, somewhere by the sea. I’m sat at home. This of course has a reason ;).

As a teacher in Switzerland and the advantages of working at a private school I get 16 weeks off per year, which is great of course. I’m obviously not away for 16 weeks, because teachers also need to work during their holidays, see these two posts about this:

Most people go away on summer, because that’s when they get time off and with children it’s the easiest thing. Places like Italy or the South of France (or anywhere pretty much) are crowded in the summer and it’s just so hot. I personally don’t understand people, who go to Florida, California, Dubai etc. in the middle of summer, it’s just way too hot. I understand however that some people can only go in summer. Anyway, because of that I try to away the busy times, when going on a holiday and choose other times of the year. I get three weeks in spring and that’s when I usually do my “big holidays”. Two years ago I spent three weeks in Florida. Last year I did New York, Dallas and Chicago in April and this year I went to Dallas for a week, got home and the day after I flew to Tenerife for ten days. It has turned out so well every single time that I think I will continue this. I’m actually thinking California for next April. Anyway for all the other weeks I get off, I also plan things, but smaller things.

In summer I get eight weeks off, the first and the last week is always connected to school, because we clean up and then get everything ready again. In between I plan smaller trips, like city trips, a few days in the Italian part of Switzerland or even day trips to places I haven’t been to in Switzerland or close to the boarder. Two years ago, for example I went to Berlin with my bestie Mary for a few days, then went to the Ticino with my family, enjoyed summer at home and we had family over from Italy, so we showed them the area. Last year I went to the Ticino, had my mom-daughter trip to London and spent three days in Munich. This year I basically spent July at home, with some little day trips in between, then went to Lisbon with my mum, spent my birthday and two more days in Füssen (Germany) and that’s it. It’s also nice at home, so yu don’t always have to go away. Some people don’t understand that and I’m always a little confused by that. There are other, who go away once a year and always to the same place that’s also fine.

In October I get a week off. Usually I stay at home and do some things in the area. If a London event comes up, I go to London, but other than that I just try to relax. I week is not that long, seems more like a long weekend actually. For Christmas and over New Years I get three weeks off, which is fab. The week before Christmas is usually spent with some preparations and getting all the presents. Then it’s Christmas for a few days ;), followed by New Year’s and then I actually spend some time preparing lessons. Sometimes there is a little trip in between, over NY, like London three years ago.

Well, in February I get another week off, but as I said a week is not that long. This year I went to Gstaad for a few days to enjoy some snow, but usually I stay home. Then comes spring and I already talked about that.

As a child my parents took me to Florida when I was two and then when my brother was born we spent every year in Castiglione della Pescaia (Tuscany), right by the sea. We loved it there and it still feels like home. We never went in summer though, because it’s full of Italians. You can see where I’m coming from now ;). In summer we did things like Germany, England etc.

When it comes to choosing places, it’s pretty much always cities or the beach, my two loves. I prefer America to Asia, even though I really want to go to Singapore and Bai. Never really thought about South America really. California is high up, as well as the Caribbean and lots of places in Europe. Australia, New Zealand and some pacific islands have always fascinated me, but it’s just so far away. I’d also like to go back to Vancouver and Castiglione, my second homes.

When is your usual holiday time and where do you go? What’s your next trip?

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