Thursday, 23 June 2016

Six by Summer - The End

This spring I joined my friends Kayla (Polished and Bubbly) and Samantha (@BySamanthaMarch) and some other bloggers on a little (beauty) challenge. We all chose six products, beauty related or not and the challenge is to use them up until the start of summer, which is June 21st.And the moment has come, summer has arrived (not according to the weather here though). Here are the products I chose, let's see if I managed to use them all up:

- Vandini Luminazing Body Peeling: It's all gone!!! Shortly after half time I used it all up.
- Dove Derma Spa Body Lotion: I only just started using it when the challenge started. I love this body lotion, but sometimes I just forget to put it on, so this proved to be a challenge. I have about a quarter left.
- bebeMORE Eye Cream: This was the biggest challenge of them all, although it's the one I've been using every single day. The thing with this one though is that you only need a very small amount of cream puree. I would say it's still about half full, so I never had the chance to finish it ;). 
- bebe YoungCare day cream: Empty!!! It already was by half time. 
- Alcina Moisture Spray: All used up! Shortly after half time actually. This spray is fab for my hair. I use it right after washing my hair as a conditioner and in the mornings, it also really helps on a bad hair day ;). 
- Plantur39: There is only a small amount left, maybe one or two more times. Nearly...

So that's it, now off to see how my friends are did with the challenge. 

Here is my start up post: The Start of Six by Summer
My update post: Six by Summer Update

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