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Destination India (The Lonely Hearts Travel Club #2) – by Katy Colins

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The blurb:

Let yourself go…
Georgia Green is about to board a plane to India, alone – again. Things were supposed to be different this time, but Georgia backpacked solo to Thailand and survived, what could possibly go wrong?
Only she is about to find out that when in India the country calls the shots – not you.

My Opinion:

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And Georgia’s story continues… YAY!!!

Destination India is Katy Colin’s second book in The Lonely Hearts Travel Club series.

The book starts in Manchester, where Georgia is now running her travel agency together with Ben, who she met in Thailand. She now is a workaholic and working all the time. She barley has time for friends or other things and traveling, oh well…

But then she takes the chance to go to India. It’s for business, but arriving there and being part of this tour and the adventure changes her again. She is the old Georgia now, the one passionate about traveling and adventures. It was very interesting to read about her transformation and I think Katy captured that beautifully.

While Georgia spends time in India, her business still has to work, so Ben hires Serena. Georgia doesn’t like the sound of her and that’s totally understandable. Serena seemed really weird…

There is also some drama going on in India, some of it involving Georgia directly, other involving some others as well.

I loved how her feelings for Ben were portrayed, something just changed in her. But what about him?!

We always got the whole picture of what was going on in India and bac in Manchester.
After Georgia returned from her adventures the drama increased even more on several levels, which was great.

This story is an awesome mixture of different characters coming together, traveling, daily life issues, love and much more. Katy found a great way to include the character’s feelings, describe all the surroundings and build a story full of excitement, drama, passion, love and more. We saw different sides of Georgia and that was very interesting, especially seeing why one side might be overpowering at certain times.

Of course it was also a pleasure to read about India and all these wonderful settings. Katy created a sparkly atmosphere, where characters interact and the story flows vividly.

I can’t wait for the third book of this series, because I fell in love with the characters even more and Katy’s writing is just on point. I know I will repeat myself now, but Katy has a fresh, young, unique and mesmerizing style and this makes her a very talented and gifted writer with a unique voice.


My possible cast:

Georgia: Dakota Johnson or Katy Colins ;) 

Ben: Jamie Dornan

Katy on Twitter: @Notwedordead
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