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How to Find Your (First) Husband – by Rosie Blake

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It's a beautiful day in 1994 and the turn-out in the school playground is fantastic. Isobel is eight years old and marrying Andrew Parker, the boy of her dreams. Life is perfect. Then the ceremony is over, and a week later so is the marriage. Twenty years on and Isobel is dressed as a prawn handing out promotional fliers outside an L.A. fish market. Her career is going nowhere and her love life leaves a lot to be desired. Nothing Isobel hoped for has gone to plan. Then, she catches sight of Andrew, her first husband, in the background of a TV news item and wonders: if she can track down Andrew, will she recapture the happiness that she felt all those years ago? Isobel travels the globe to find her first husband, via Cornwall, Devon and a remote Malaysian island, but is he really what she is looking for?

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Having read Rosie’s previous book, I really have to say that this is her best!! I liked the first two books, but this one is on a whole new level.

The story follows Isobel, who married Andrew Parker in the playground, when they were eight years old. Now, many years older Isobel struggles in life. Her career is going nowhere and her love life?! Let’s not even talk about that…
When she spots Andrew in the background on TV, she decides to track him down and find him.

Isobel travel the world to find, the way is long and hard. On the way she meets several people, one of them being Zeb. She meets him on the plane first and then again and again in other places. Eventually she finds Andrew, but is he still the same?! Can there be a future between them?! That was for Isobel to figure out now.

I already mentioned other lovely characters and Isobel’s friend Mel was definitely a wonderful addition to the story.

The story is told from Isobel’s point of view. Every chapter ended with a diary entry from years ago, when she was at school. These entries really show us, how she felt about Andrew back then.

The mixture of characters brought this book to life. Isobel was surrounded by all of them and they all brought something special to the story.
The idea behind this story is fantastic and Rosie found a great way put it down in writing. Her writing is fabulous, full of life, very funny, sparkly and wonderful.

The setting of course is amazing, the island of Tioman sounds beautiful, please take me there. I really adored the ending of this book, I actually want to hear more!!!


My possible cast:

Isobel: Alexandra Park

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