Saturday, 18 June 2016

Living in a big city – yes or no?!

So, I just came back from New York, Dallas and Chicago. Also, you all know how much I love London and then six years ago I lived in Vancouver. These are all great and big cities in the States/Canada and the UK and I always said living in London for a while and going back to Vancouver would be great, but living there?!

When I lived in Vancouver, I stayed with my relatives in Burnaby, it’s a suburb right next to Vancouver. I did my language stay there and the school was in Downtown Vancouver. I always took the bus into the city, which took me between 30 and 45 minutes, depending on traffic and the time of the day. Burnaby is a great area to live in, wonderful houses, all the shops and amenities you need and by car it takes you about 20 minutes into the city. Vancouver is a fab city with great shops, buildings, parks, the sea, beaches, mountains and much more. I could definitely imagine living there, not right in the center of the city, but close buy, maybe in North Vancouver.

Burnaby with Vancouver in the background
Now, New York was definitely a bit too busy for my taste, I mean, I knew that before and for a few days on a holiday that is totally fine, but living downtown, no thank you. Maybe also a bit further away, with the city easy accessible.

Chicago is definitely a city I would consider living in, even around downtown. I think ideal would be somewhere close to Lincoln Park. You have all the shops there, the center of downtown is close by and there is a park, where I could go running every day. I fell in love with the vibe of this city immediately, the shopping is great and there is so much to do, so yes to Chicago.

Lincoln Park with Downtown Chicago in the background
Dallas, would be a yes just because oft he hockey and Wendy, but I’d need a car, it’s definitely a driving city. I mean I have a car here, but driving in the States freaks me out a bit. I guess I would get used to it pretty quickly though. Another advantage of this city is the weather, it’s always warm and it doesn’t get too cold. Then I would definitely choose a place a bit out oft he city, Highland Park ideally, but I don’t have the money for that ;).

London, my big love. Definitely yes, but also a bit out oft he city, with the possibility to get a taxi or the tube to get into the city. London has so much to offer and I would be close to all (book) blogging events.

So, all in all I could imagine living in a city, but it would have to be a bit further out and not right in the center. It’s more quiet, peaceful and I have my freedom. It’s then a good possibility to get away from the hectic and busy city life, but it’s still close to it. Living in a big city is also more expensive, so I could safe money, if I live a bit further out. Traffic is a nightmare in most oft he large city and I could definitely do without that. The crime rate is higher and there are lots of homeless people as well. I mean, yes you could avoid these areas but still. Being a teacher also makes me feel more safe, if a school is a bit further out and I think it’s also better for the children. So, form e it’s definitely the suburbs and I would be so in! A city right by the sea or a lake would be a plus as well. Yes, I have that now, but my „city“ is really small and generally the cities in Switzerland are not comparable with the ones in the States or other countries. So my plan: Taking a year off teaching and living in London, Vancouver and possibly a city in the States in this year, we’ll see. 

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