Wednesday, 30 March 2016

What’s in my hand luggage!

For flying the carry-on luggage is very important, especially for long haul flights. I usually take a little trolley with me and a bag. Here is what I put in my hand luggage:

-       Make-up bag: What ever you need for your daily make-up, put it in there. You can freshen up and you would also have it, if the suitcase doesn’t arrive. I also count any facial creams, hand cream and stuff like that, but that goes in the liquids bag mostly.
-       Liquids: Rescue spray, perfume, tooth paste, eye cream, hand cream, facial cream, contacts case, sun cream etc.
-       Phone: Last call at the airport, a message when you arrive etc. It’s also great to take pictures with the phone. Of course you can also do that with your camera.
-       iPod: For my music!
-       Camera: If you have one, you might wanna take pictures or blog.
-    Headphones: I brig to pairs, my normal apple ones and my new ones from Bose. 
-       Passport: The most important thing while traveling.
-       Purse/wallet: Money, credit card. Otherwise you can’t go shopping ;)
-       Ipad / books: I’m a bookworm, so I read a lot, also on a long flight. The iPad is way easier of course, cause you can have an unlimited amount of books to choose from.
-       Laptop: I don’t always take my laptop with me, but it’s great to do some work, write blog posts or edit videos.
-       Glasses: A long flight, means wearing glasses for me. It’s better for the eyes.
-       Sunglasses: You need them when you arrive.
-       Tissues: Always have some with you. You could spill something and always take some to the toilet.
-       Perfume/deodorant: You want to freshen up and small good at the end, right?!
-       Rescue spray: I always carry one with me, it calms me down.
-       Mints / Chewing gum: Good breath!!!
-       Disinfectant/hand cream: Keep your hands clean!
-       Scarf: Makes you feel comfortable!
-       Water: Drink enough, so carry a water with you (buy it after security of course)
-       Tooth brush, tooth paste: Good for the end of the flight and even better if the suitcase doesn’t arrive.
-    Bikini: Obviously only when you're going to a warm place! 
     Fluffy socks: A must on a long haul flight for me. 
-       Extra trousers/underwear/shirt/shoes …: Extra clothes are important. Just to be safe, if the suitcase doesn’t arrived. It also gives you the possibility to change, after you arrive .
-       Charger/cable: The battery of your phone, iPad etc. can die at unexpected times, so always carry the chargers with you, portable charger, if you have one.
-       Adapter: If you go to another country with other plugs, you need an adapter.
-       Tripod: For vlogging and filming ;)
-       Notebook and pens: You never know when you have ideas and want to write something down.
-       Blog planner: I will see emails and plan posts, so I need it.
-       Smaller bag: To change it as soon as I arrived. Also to be safe, in case the luggage doesn’t arrive.
-       Travel guides: They have to be ready for when I arrive.
-       Magazines: I might buy some at the airport. 

    I also filmed a little video with my travel essentials:

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