Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Hiding Behind Your Glasses

When I was in secondary school I suddenly realized that I couldn’t read everything on the blackboard. So I went to an optician and got glasses. That means I have had glasses for over 12 years. I never really had the issue of feeling uncomfortable and like a weirdo with my glasses.

My first glasses!
I still got annoyed with them from time to time, especially during sports lessons and on ski trips. That’s when I decided to get contacts. At first I got daily ones, so I didn’t wear them every day. I found myself using them more and more though and so I switched to the “two weeks” ones. I have had them for about 8 years I guess.

I have also changed my glasses of course, because the first ones I got were a childern’s ones. I got my second glasses in Italy (it’s way cheaper there) and then I got a new pair before going to Vancouver in 2010. I wanted new ones, because the other ones were not that accurate anymore and for the flight and the time there in general I wanted good and new ones. I actually used them quite a lot and I still like them.

My second pair of glasses from Vogue, bought in Italy. 
Well, in November 2015 I had an eye inflammation and was forced to only wear glasses. While driving, especially when it was getting dark I just realised that they were not that good anymore. That’s when I decided to get new glasses. My new ones are from the optician brand “Visilab”, they are brown and I’m in love with them!!!! Everyone is complementing me on them, which makes me really happy. I only started wearing my contacts again in February and now I’m switching. I will probably reach for my contacts more in spring and summer, when I want to wear my sunglasses, but not every day. The eye doctor said that I should be careful with my contacts, because they were actually the reason for my inflammation.

My new glasses from Visilab. 
Well, a few years ago people said that “people with glasses are hiding behind them”. When the nerdy glasses were trendy again that changed a bit, but I think it’s still the case. Of course I don’t agree with that at all.

The glasses are here to help us see properly and it’s something we need daily. It’s like people who have to take medicine, the need it daily to feel good and treat whatever they have. I have heard people say that they don’t feel confident with their glasses on, but with me that’s not the case at all. I love wearing my glasses and I think there are ways to make you feel comfortable wearing them.
I have now realised that I even feel naked and weird when I’m not wearing them ;). I like having the option of being able to change my look. I just decide in the morning and in whatever mood I’m in or whatever the plan is for the day I decide.

The third pair, bought in 2010. Brand: Kinto. 
Yes, you can hide your under eye circles with your glasses, but come on... You can’t hide your emotions and feelings behind your glasses. I mean you’re still the same person, aren’t you?!

People with glasses are always described as nerdy, smart and kind of old-fashioned. But can’t people without glasses be the same?! I really don’t like this clichĂ©. It’s just not true and it doesn’t apply to everyone with glasses. In movies and TV series that’s always part of the story and I think that’s not funny.

I have learned not to care about that and just to be myself and feel comfortable! Comments like that don’t bother me anymore.

I mean, “people look better without their glasses!”, really?! We just look different. It’s a different look and a different style.

I see glasses in several ways. Obviously they help me see, but they are also a great accessory. They change my look and they also bring the attention to my eyes. Glasses are also kind of a protection. Oh and they are easy and cheap. You pay for them once and they are pretty easy to clean.

So my advice, if your wearing glasses: Be happy, make them part of your personality and feel confident!!!

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