Tuesday, 1 March 2016

24 Struggles All Book Bloggers Have

So with this post I don't want to moan and complain, but there are certain things bloggers just struggle with. All bloggers know what I'm talking about ;). Since I mainly blog about books I have focus on that part of blogging, one hashtag: #bookbloggerproblems
  1. Not having enough space to put all of these books
  2. Deciding what book to read next
  3. Constantly requesting books on NetGalley
  4. Having an overview of the books you own, yes Goodreads helps, but...
  5. So many books, so little time...
  6. Pub dates are like birthdays! And some pub dates are full of great books!
  7. Constantly waiting for the postman to arrive and bring you books
  8. Not liking Sundays, because there is no bookpost
  9. Not liking a book and having to write a review about it
  10. Wanting to read all the time, even during dinner with your family šŸ™ˆ 
  11. Being harder to please, books you would have loved once, are only ok now...
  12. ...you always compare books! You know it's not good, but it happens automatically
  13. Fear of missing out, so many great books around!
  14. You don't want to leave this story! Book hangovers!!!!
  15. You want her (main character) as a best friend
  16. He'd make a great boyfriend, book boyfriends
  17. Reading parts of series or books with cliff hangers and having to wait for the sequel/next part
  18. Getting hyped up by a title and then hating it
  19. Having a never ending TBR
  20. Running out of adjectives to use when writing reviews
  21. Thinking you're always repeating yourself when writing positive reviews
  22. Damn you reading slump!!
  23. You're reading a book in public and you have to cry
  24. When you're writing a review of a book that got only good reviews so far, but you had some major issues with it
There are more of these struggles out there of course, but these are the ones I always struggle with ;) I really hope you enjoyed this post, let me know. 


  1. I struggle with #20 so much!

    1. haha! Do you have some new ones for me?
      Thanks for the comment :)

  2. I found myself agreeing with all of those .. are you inside my head? lol Great list xx

    1. I'm in your head all the time, haha ;) Thanks for your comment xx

  3. Great list! I think all book bloggers are struggling with the same things, it's nice to read a post about it :).

    1. Hey sweetie!
      Thank you so much! Hope you're well xx