Thursday, 31 March 2016

How to feel comfortable on a long haul flight

Flying can be boring, stressful and long. I’m flying to the States (New York City) soon (2 days!!!), that means a long haul flight. During a long one, it’s important to feel comfortable, here is what helps me.

-       Fluffy socks: Fluffy socks are the best! They are warm, cosy, comfortable and comfy. During a long flight you don’t want to wear your shoes all the time and just in normal socks, no thanks. These socks keep you warm and make you feel relaxed.
-       Layers: Let’s talk about the outfit while flying. Planes tend to be cold, so this is important. I never get the people wearing dresses, high heels or flip flops. If you fly to a warmer place, change at the airport. Comfy trousers, as in sweatpants, are the basic thing to wear. Shirt, cardigan, scarf and maybe a poncho. You can also use the scarf as a blanket or around your feet.
-       Glasses (no contacts): I wear glasses and I’m really loving it at the moment. I used to be a contacts only girl, but since my eye inflammation that changed. I switch now. During along flight it’s better to wear glasses though. The eyes get dry and it doesn’t feel comfortable anymore. Sleeping makes it even worse. When your watching a lot of, movies, you eyes get tired, so glasses are definitely better. If you don’t need glasses or contacts – well, I’m jealous ;)
-       Movies/Series: Watch a lot of movies or TV series. I love going through the list of movies and watch them one after the other. To the States I usually watch three movies. It’s relaxing, it takes your mind off flying and time passes more quickly like that.
-       Reading: I always have my iPad and at least one book with me. I love reading, so diving into a book is the best thing to relax for me.
-       Listening to music: Music is always a great way to relax for me. While flying I just have to be careful, not to sing along ;). This also helps me when I try falling asleep. Music calms me down. Sometimes I also listen to it, while reading or when trying to fall asleep.
-       Headphones: Bring your own headphones. Usually the ones they have in the planes are not good and annoying. Take your own! I even take took, my apple ones and some big ones (they are great, you can’t hear anything).
-       Sleeping: Most of the time I can’t sleep on a plane, but even if it is for a short time it’s good for your body. A sleeping mask would definitely help here.
-       Pack the right things: Make sure you have everything you need. The carry-on bag is important, I wrote a whole post about this, check it out here: What's in my hand luggage!
-       Pillow: Bring your own pillow, I mean these special ones for flights, don’t know, if the have a special name ;), maybe traveling pillow.
-       Drink water: Drink enough. Yes, you might have to go to the toilet then, but that doesn’t matter. You can always ask the flight attendants for more,  but if you want to be on the safe side, buy some after security.
-       Eat: I know, most people hate air plane food, but it’s still important to eat enough. Buy small bits after security and make sure you eat enough.
-       Move Around: In order to prevent your body from aching, move around from time to time. Walk up and down the aisle, stretch.
-       Take off you make-up: An in flight beauty routine helps keeping your skin fresh and hydrated. Taking off make-up is the first step. Maybe a mask and then a spray to use once in a while. You can board the plane with make up and then take it off or travel without make-up from the beginning.
-       Freshen up: After a long haul flight it’s important to freshen up. Use some deodorant, perfume and also put a little make up on, so that you are ready to land.

That’s it. I hope that helped. What are you guys doing to feel comfortable during a long flight? This is the last post before I fly to New York. I won’t post anything on the blog or YouTube, during these two weeks. I’ll be online from time to time though ;)

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