Tuesday, 29 March 2016

How to prepare yourself for a city trip

Most of you guys that I’m off to my 3 cities adventure in the States soon, this Friday actually. Whenever I go to a city, I prepare myself, find out more and kind of make a list of what to do. I did exactly that for this trip as well, especially for NYC and Chicago, cause I kind of have my own personal tour guide in Dallas. Well anyway, I thought I’d show you what I do to prepare myself and also what I bring on a trip like that.

Let’s start with the preparation.

I booked all three hotels over a booking website online. I usually use ebookers.com, the Swiss version of course, the NYC hotel I booked with expedia.ch, because the had the better deal. While booking, I of course looked at the price, the room and also the location. I wanted to be very central for both NYC and Chicago to be able to go shopping, sightseeing and also be close to broadway shows or hockey stadiums ;). In Dallas I’m out of downtown because I will be close to my lovely second momma, she’ll basically be my driver and recommended the hotel. You will be able to see all that in the vlogs and blog posts about my trip.

After about a month, maybe a bit more, I emailed all three hotels, asking for a confirmation and a quiet room. It just makes me feel more secure and I know that I have a place to sleep at.

Then I bought a travel guide for NYC, one for Chicago, a travel magazine for NYC and then little bits and bobs for all three cities from magazines, the internet and other sources. I don’t have a lot for Dallas, since I my personal tour guide there. I actually love travel guides, it’s the perfect way of discovering places you want to go see and decide on what you want to do. Travel guides are full of useful ideas, they cover all sections: walks, food, shopping, nights out, popular places and other info on public transport and things you shouldn’t do. I always take out the map and circle the hotel. Then I go and circle the places I wanna go visit. With that I get a good overview. You can say now that it’s easier to have a map on your phone. Yes that’s true and I will have that. But I just prefer the old-fashioned way. In addition to the travel guides and magazines I also surf on the internet and ask my friends. With all that I put together I list, also of things that make sense doing on the same day. I won‘t make a list of days, that I will decide when I’m there. Certain things depend on the weather, so I will be spontaneous.

All there cities have hockey teams and as a big fan it’s a must. So what I did was of course looking at their schedules and booking tickets. I will see Tampa Bay Liughtning play the New York Rangers in Madison Square Garden and in Dallas I will see the Nashville Predators vs the Dallas Stars. 
In the same areas are Musicals. NYC has the Broadway, so there is another must. I will go see School of Rock and Fun Home. 

Part of the preparation is also making sure how you will handle the money thing. How much money will you bring and what will you pay with your credit card?!

On we move to part two, what you need on a city trip:

-       Sneakers/trainers: Comfy shoes are the key! You will walk around a lot and you want to be comfortable.
-       Medium sized and handy handbag: When you’re in a city you need certain things so a small one would be too small. It also has to be a comfy one, not that your back hurts after an hour.
-       Sunglasses: A must on a sunny day!
-       Camera: to vlog and take pictures!
-       Phone: Photos, maps, texting etc.
-       Tissues: You never know, how clean a toilet is.
-       Water: Drinking water regularly is important.
-       Granola bars: It doesn’t necessarily have to be granola bars, but little snacks for when your hungry are always handy.
-       Umbrella: Depends on the weather of course.
-       Money
-       Most important make-up bits and little mirror
-       Pain killers, if needed. I also have my homeopathic globuli close by.
-       Maps, travel guide.
-    Portable charger. Perfect for traveling. 

I think that’s pretty much it. I could add more, but I have mentioned the most important things. I feel that it is important to take regular breaks, eat and drink and sometimes a little nap or a relaxing hour in the hotel room can do wonders.

I have to more travel related posts coming up, before I leave. One about my hand luggage and one about long haul flights. 

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