Saturday, 20 February 2016

TV Series I Miss

I’m a huge TV series junkie!!! I love catching up with current series like Pretty Little Liars or The Vampire Diaries, but what I love more is re-watching some that are not on anymore. I think I’m still not over the fact that they ended, here are my faves and I miss them badly, every day.

One Tree Hill – My ultimate favourite!!!! I think this will stay my fave forever, I loved it so much!!! The setting, the charcaters, basketball, fashion design, singing and the whole story behind it. Naley is the best couple ever and I also adore Brooke and Julian as well as Quinn and Clay. And all the kids... God, I could go on and on here, I was addicted to the series and maybe also James Lafferty.

Charmed The Halliwell Sisters!!!! I was so addicted to this one and a big fan of especially Phoebe and Piper and then later Chris Halliwell. I loved everything surrounded by magic and their powers and it was not only action and magic all the time, there was a real storyline for the sisters behind it as well. God, how I miss them. I didn’t really like the first three seasons (not a Prue fan), but I LOVE the other seasons even more, especially season 6.

Full House – Do I need to say more here?! I couldn’t get enough of this series, the Olsen twins were so cute in it and I LOVE uncle Jesse. And there will be a Spin-Off series called Fuller House like this month!!!!!

The OC – OC California is a series I’ve watched with my best friend when we were teenagers. We used to make OC marathons, I really enjoyed this series and it was over way to fast. I didn’t always like what happened in it, but oh well and the location was just beautiful.

Friends – God, how I loved this sitcom!!! HILARIOUS and with some fab actors and actresses. It’s always great re-watching this one.

Hart of Dixie – Zoe Hart and her adventures!! I loved her as a character and Rachel Bilson did such a great job. I was so sad, when it got cancelled last year, because I felt that there was much more in store for all the characters. They were an incrediable bunch, each and every single one of them special and unique. Awwww, Bluebell <3.

Gossip Girl – Yes, Gossip Girl, even if it is a bit too much and over the top! I loved seing New York from so many angles! The actors and actresses are great. I would have loved to also see what happened between the last episode and the epilogue.

Gilmore Girls - Mother and daughter, always so much fun! Been re-watching it and I fell in love with the series again. Rory and Lorelei are great to follow around and the storyline was always so diverse and unique. I just love Lorelei and Luke together ;) Revival this year!!!! I'm so excited abut this!

Do you also miss some TV series? If yes, which ones?!


  1. Love this post!! And we have very similar taste in tv series ;-) I have the entire dvd set of both Friends, One Tree Hill, Charmed and Gilmore Girls so I definitely agree with you there. I recently started re-watching some Full House & although I loved Gossip Girl, it's not a series I plan on watching again any time soon. One of the tv series I really miss is Veronica Mars. I have the dvd's so I can revisit anytime I want, but three seasons is just a crime for a series that good!
    I love tv.... :D

    1. I'm re-watching Gilmore Girls still, and the prob Gossip Girl (before I go to NYC) ;) Can't wait for Fuller House!!! xxx