Saturday, 23 January 2016

My London Bucket List

As you all know I LOVE LONDON, it’s like a second home for me and I’ve been there several times, the city is so big I still haven’t done all I wanted to do. I was proud of myself for finally making it to King’s Cross and platform 9 ¾ last time. So I decided to make a list of what I still want to see and where I want to go. Here is my London Bucket List.

-       Sky Garden: An amazing view over London, who doesn’t want that?! I have to go there, last time I wanted to, but when I wanted to book it was full already and the greatest thing: It’s free!

-       Millennium Bride, St. Paul’s Cathedral: I drove past St. Paul’s several times on the way tot he airport, I never stopped, so it’s about time. Then I also need the view from Lillennium bridge on tot he Cathedral, it always looks so pretty on pictures.

-       Harry Potter Studio Tours: So, I’ve managed King’s Cross, but as a Potterhead I still haven’t made the Warner Bros Studio Tours, I think it’s about time!

-       Go to a Football Game: Chelsea, Arsenal, West Ham... London has lots of football teams an das I really enjoy watching the games, I would love to see a Premier League game live once.

-       Wimbledon and Tennis: I love watching tennis, plus with our Swiss tennis stars it’s always very exciting! Wimbledon is my fave tournament, seeing a game live would be so fab and I’d definitely also go to Henman Hill.

-       Tower of London: So I’ve been down there by the Tower, took pictures o fit, took pictures oft he Tower Bridge and even went into the gift shop. Now, I just have to go into the tower.

-       Hampstead Heath: I’ve heard so many wonderful things about this area. My mum has lived in London and loved it there, she wants to show me the area badly, so next time we are definitely doing there. I looked at pictures of Hampstead Heath, so beautiful!

-       Primrose Hill: Similar to Hampstead Heath, an amazing view on the city and lots of nature.

-       Emirates Air Line: These are the cable cars going across the river Thames, that would be so much fun.

There sure are more fab things to do in London, but these were the ones coming up without looking up anything.
Musicals are always a must for me and the next on my list: Aladin and The Cursed Child.

What is on your London Bucket List? Let me know in the comments. Or maybe you can recommend me something!


  1. Although I live in London I am still a massive tourist, I love having days where I walk around and just get lost and find myself in a part that I never knew existed. It truly is one of the greatest cities in the world. One of my favourite things despite having been on it several times is the London Eye because if you are having a bad day that is sure to cheer you up, unless you are afraid of heights!

    If you get a chance when you are close to St Paul's head to Madison Bar at the top of the building One New Change and you can get a great view. Another place to get great views is the balcony of the tate! Otherwise known as the smokers section! Of course neither of these beat the Eye, Shard or Sky Garden but hey they are great!

    Great post - found your blog on Cupventure xx

    Fay | Blog A Book Etc

    1. Hey! :)
      Thanks for your comment.
      These places sound great, will try to remember when I come over next time ;)
      love, Simona x