Tuesday, 19 January 2016

If I Could Tag

I was tagged by Kelly and Lucy from Sweet is Always in Style to do this fun tag. Thanks ladies xx.

If I could live anywhere:
Hmmm, that’s a difficult one. I’d love to live by the sea, somewhere warm like Florida, with an awesome city like Vancouver, London or NYC nearby. Vancouver would actually be great, it’s just not warm all the time ;)

If I could have any home:
A cute house, very modern inside. With an open kitchen, a big bedroom, a room form y books and also a walk in cupboard, that would be great.

If I could have any garden:
I’m not a garderner at all, but I love a good looking garden, with a nice lawn, a little terrace and some nice flowers and vegetagles. I guess I’d have to hire someone to look after it though ;)

If I could be on holiday right now:
Bahamas!!! Beach, sunshine and a warm and relaxing atmosphere!

If I could have any job:
I love my job, but I’d also love to do something with books. Either write them or translate them, I love languages. Something connected to traveling would also be great and it involves languages as well.

If I could have any talent:
Drawing! I wish I could draw and be creative in that way!

If I could live any day again:
The day in London, when I met Aaron Tveit after his performance. It was also a day of shopping and enjoying London.

Hope you enjoyed this tag, feel free to join in and let me know if you do!

I tag:
Jenny from Jenny in Neverland
Becca from Becca's Books


  1. I love this blog tag! How have I never heard of it before?! :o Do you mind if I steal it to do myself? :) PS. Don't forget to tag me in blog tags too? I love doing them!

    With love,
    Alisha Valerie. x

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    1. I thinks it's pretty new tag ;) Go ahead and steal it, I do that sometimes as well ;) Will definitely tag you in a future one, you can tag me anytime as well.
      Thanks for the comment :)
      Simona xx