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The Vixen and the Vet - by Katy Regnery

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The blurb:

Burned by an unreliable source, Savannah Carmichael, returns to her hometown of Danvers, Virginia with her once-promising journalism career in ruins. Given the opportunity to get her skin back in the game by writing a patriotic human interest piece, Savannah turns her attention to the town hermit, Asher Lee, a wounded veteran who returned to Danvers eight years ago, and hasn’t been seen since.

After an IED explosion in Afghanistan took Asher’s hand and disfigured half of his face, he's lived a quiet life on the outskirts of Danvers where the locals respect his privacy…that is, until Savannah Carmichael comes calling in a borrowed sundress and a plate of homemade brownies. When Asher agrees to be interviewed by Savannah, he starts feelings things for the beautiful reporter that he hasn’t felt in years.

Misfits in small-town Danvers, Savannah and Asher create a bond right away, touching each other’s hearts in ways neither thought possible. When a terrible mistake threatens to drive them apart, they’ll have to decide if the love they found in one another’s arms is strong enough to fight for their hard-won happily ever after.

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

So, the wonderful Katy did it again!!!!

Savannah returns to her hometown Danvers heartbroken and without a job.
There she is surrounded by her parents and her sister Scarlet who is about to get married, but Savannah who is supposed to be the maid of honour is not really in the mood for the whole wedding thing.

She gets the chance to write an article for another newspaper and get a job in Phoenix and that for she wants to interview Asher Lee, a wounded veteran.

Asher hasn’t had a real life for 8 years, staying at home all the time, not wanting others to see his wounds. However, he agrees for Savannah to interview him and his terms.
The two of them get along really well. We see Asher open up to her, which made me smile. It seemed liked he finally found someone to live for.
One night he prepared a small picnic for her and that’s where all get more intense and emotional.

What the two of them shared and felt for each other was strong and amazing from the start and loved seeing their relationship develop in a passionate, sweet and deep way.
I loved their scenes together; Katy managed to create an amazing atmosphere around them.
It was great to read about both their perspective’s changing between the two of the from time to time. It made me understand both of them better and especially Asher, who has gone through a lot in has past.
I was so happy for him that he finally found someone to share everything with and finally being intimate with a woman again. They were falling for each other fast and hard!!!

Now you probably think where the drama is in this story. Well, there was still Savannah’s article and she had to change the theme (she never told Asher) and then this article is exposed! Unfortunately not in the way she originally wrote it and that’s when their love is put on the test!

Asher went to Maryland from time to time to get some operations done, for his wounds and to finally show himself public with his girl. But now…

Can the two of them find a way to be together, will they figure everything out and be honest to each other and trust each other?
Well, let me just tell you this: Savannah created something beautiful, for a good cause.

I loved how Katy introduced the chapters to us with a saying about real love. These saying were part of the first chapter and made this story even more special…
The first time you…

So Katy showed that she is the QUEEN OF ROMANCE in an incredible way. This story is wonderful, telling the love of a great couple. The writing takes you INTO the book immediately; it’s so emotional, powerful, sweet and romantic!!!!


My passible cast:

Savannah: Rachel Bilson

Asher: Wilson Bethel (Asher is badly wounded in the story, so he's look a bit different...)

Katy on Twitter: @KatyRegnery

The book is already available in paperback and half of the profits will go to Operation Mend. Amazon Link From tomorrow onwards the book is also available as an ebook.

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  1. Love the cast, Simona!!
    & love that you LOVED the book as much as I did! ;-)
    xxx GO KATY!