Monday, 9 June 2014

Catriona's Top Ten Destinations

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Hey lovely readers

It's time for the next guest post. This time the lovely Catriona is talking about her favourite destinations to travel to, because of reading about the places in a book. Thank you for being my guest today sweetie, xxx.
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Thanks so much for having me on your blog. I'm excited to share my top ten destinations with you that I'd would like to travel to it have travelled to because I read about it in books. Yes books can take you to other destinations but sometimes you feel so compelled by a setting that you actually have to go there & see it for yourself.

1. The puffin sanctuary in Cornwall from The Little Beach Street Bakery by Jenny Colgan. I'm going to HAVE to go there!

2. The Rodin Museum in Paris. I read about a Rodin sculpture in a fab novel I read in my teens so one of my best friends took me there as a surprise!

3. Atlanta. I read about it in What Would Oprah do by Erin Emerson and I really want to go there now!

4. The Birmingham Christmas Markets. I read about these in It Started With a Kiss by Miranda Dickinson & I finally got to go this year!

5. Austria. Having read about it in The Chalet School series when I was younger, I really want to visit there!

6. Los Angeles. Lots of books mention this place, I heart Hollywood by Lindsey Kelk being one of the more notable books in my collection. I loved it when I visited!

7. Memphis, Tenesse. As mentioned in The Help by Kathryn Stockett and Paul Henderson in The Last Bus to Coffeeville. I'd love to visit this musical city.

8. Las Vegas. Another place I simply must visit and profiled so well in I Heart Vegas by Lindsey Kelk.

9. London. So many amazing books set here, I used to visit all the time when I was younger, and now I work there!

10. My final one you probably guessed-New York! Such an amazing city and in so many books! I've been so many times & still want to go back for more. Lindsey Kelk, Miranda Dickinson, Plum Sykes, Sophie Kinsella & Carmen Reid have all done excellent justice to the ultimate literary travel destination!

Catriona Merryweather

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  1. Great books and so many wonderful places to visit! This post is such a nice idea!