Saturday, 28 June 2014


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Royal Palace
Here is another experience post of my city trips with my mum. We went to Stockholm, Sweden, in summer 2012.
We had to get up really early to get tot he airport, our flight was at 6.55 am. It’s okay to get up this early, but only for holidays ;)
We arrives at the hotel at around 9.30 am and were already able to check in. So we practically still had the whole day to explore the city.

The first stop brought us tot he royal castle and we were able to see the chaning of the guards at kungliga slottet. Then we went on into Gamala Stan (old city). It’s so pretty there, with so many nice alley and cute little shops.
We explored more, sat in lovely cafés and enjoyed the sights and the sun. This city is so beautiful surrounded by water.

Changing of the guards
On the second day we took a boat to go and see this beautiful landscapes and the Swedish archipelago.
The rest oft he day we spent Shopping and with some more sight seeing.
In the evening wem et some friends from Switzerland. It was so funny, because we knew they were going to Sweden, but not when, the same counted fort hem. Then we found out that would would be in Stockholm at the same time!!!

Fort he following day weh ad a boat tour planned again to see Drottningholm slottet, the royal castle a little further away. It’s so beautiful and gorgeous there, I fell in love with everything: the castle, the landscape, the people...

On the last day we just walked around, went to different parks, sights and shops.

Stockholm is an amazing city full of warmth, friendly faces and charm.

In the old city


On the boat 

Royal Palace

Drottningholm Castle

With my mum


  1. It looks like you had such a great time! How nice that you go on trips with your mother! I also love your clothes! x