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The house of my host parents

In summer 2012 I spent 6 weeks in the South of France to study French language and prepare fort he DALF C1 exam.
When you want to teach languages in Switzerland you need a C1 diploma and a language stay. I did me CPE in English before I started Uni and lived in Vancouver, Canada, for 5 months.
When I decided to take up both languages I had to organize another language stay and it brought me to Montpellier

I travelled by train and then my host mother picked me up in Montpellier. This all started at the beginning of July. The next day was my first day at the language school, and I have to say I was a little nervous, but not for long.

In the city park
I met some great people the first day, we went for lunch and had glasses in the afternoon. In the evening we went for a drink.
From Tuesdays to Thursdays I had 2 classes a day both about 2 hours long, don’t really remember. I learned a lot in these six weeks and the intensive course fort he DALF preparation was really hard. We had homework all the time, I have to confess, I didn’t work that hard, because I knew that me exam was only in November.

With some of my friends
I met more and more great people and there was something to do every day: shopping, the beach, cinema, markets, exploring the city and more. In the end I went out almost every night and really enjoyed myself.
Every Monday we went to a pub quiz in an Irish pub, the quiz was in English, I know that didn’t really help our French skills, but it was so much fun!!!
On Fridays there was this famous wine festival called Les Esitvales with wine to taste, music and a great atmosphere outside.
On the weekends we either went tot he beach or took a trip in the area. We visited Marseille, Nimes, Sete, Avignon, La Provence, Le Pont du Gard...
The landscapes are beautiful and there were some gorgeous places at the sea.

With my ladies <3
After the first week I also got two host sisters, one oft hem was Swiss as well and we got along really well. I met some other lovely Swiss ladies, one wonderful girl from Germany and a lot of other people. I’m still in contact with my besties there, I hope we can manage to meet soon.
Of course there were also guys ;) One from Brazil and we’re still great friends, I could talk to him about everything.
Then there was an English guy and we really got along well, really well, but distance... and it turned out that he wasn’t who I thought he was.

Time for some pictures:

Les Estivales with friends
At the pub quiz
On the mountain above Sete, what a view

Le Pont du Gard
Swiss Group
Les Estivales
With my ladies
My darlings

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