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The Mysterious Bakery on Rue de Paris– by Evie Gaughan

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The blurb:

This is the magical tale of Edith Lane, who sets off to find her fortune in the beautiful city of Paris.  Fortune, however, is an unpredictable thing and Edith ends up working in a vintage bakery in the positively antique town of Compiegne.  Escaping heartache and singledom in Ireland, Edith discovers that the bakery on Rue De Paris is not exactly what it seems and that some ghosts from the past are more difficult to vanquish than others.  A heartwarming story that is sure to appeal to all the senses, The Mysterious Bakery On Rue De Paris is a mouth-watering journey to love, liberty and la vie en rose. 

My Opinion:

*Book received by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Edith has gone through a lot in the past and is ready for a new start in France. She thinks, she got a job in Paris, but actually it’s an hour outside the city in a tiny little bakery.
The description in the blurb is right though, it’s magical. The way Evie describes the scenes and the story has a real spark. I really liked it.

The start is hard but she gets into to the job more and more and also gets to know her boss better after a while. She makes friends with Nicole and her husband Johnny. They are really nice and caring and they have a lot of fun together. Nicole is a real sunshine and Johnny brings in a lot of musical knowledge, which they can really use at some point in the story.

Edith also gets to know a gorgeous man of course. I felt like their feelings for each other developed a little to quickly, but it was a real pleasure reading about them. Unfortunately, Hugo is not who Edith that he was in the beginning. I was just hoping for the two of them to get back together again, because they’re really made for each other. He’s such a romantic and it turns out that Edith might have overreacted a little bit.

Edith also discovers a real mystery and actually shocking story about the owner and the bakery is in danger as well.
I was really curious at one point, just because I wanted to know what was going to happen with the bakery and also with Hugo and Edith.
The mystery brought another spark into this lovely story.

A heart-warming, engaging and wonderful story about love, friendship and the liberty to find the right thing in live – Adorable and sweet!


My possible cast:

Edith: Kate Winslet

Hugo: Hugh Dandy

Evie on Twitter: @evgaughan


About the Author:
Hi, my name is Evie Gaughan. At school, I often fancied myself as a bit of an Emily Brontë , as Wuthering Heights is one of my all-time favourite novels.  However, I decided to take the long way round, which involved getting my diploma in Marketing and Social Studies, travelling abroad to France and Canada as well as the UK, working in some cool places and some not-so-cool places, meeting new people and leaving others behind, until ultimately I found my writing voice and the life experience to tell a story well.I’m currently living in my home-town of Galway, Ireland and unlike Emily Brontë, I’m currently working on my second novel which I hope to release early next year.


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  1. I love stories like this and can't wait to read it! Great review with a very nice cast!