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The Bookshop on the Corner - by Rebecca Raisin + Q&A

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The blurb:

Who said that only real heroes could be found in fiction?

Sarah Smith had an addiction – she was addicted to romance novels. The meet-cute, the passion, the drama and the gorgeous men! Now this wouldn’t have been such an issue if she hadn’t been the owner of the only bookshop in Ashford, Connecticut.

Ever since her close friend Lil, from The Gingerbread Café, had become engaged she had been yearning for a little love to turn up in her life. Except Sarah knew a good man was hard to find – especially in a tiny town like Ashford. That was until New York journalist, Ridge Warner stepped into her bookshop…

Love could be just around the corner for Sarah, but will she be able to truly believe that happy-ever-after can happen in real-life too!

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

We are back in Ashford and I couldn’t be more excited!!! This little sweet town in Connecticut is just full of love and history, I love it.

This time we are following Sarah Smith’s story, a woman with an ordinary name and the love of books. She lives and breathes the books she reads and her little bookshop on the corner is her life. It was amazing how I felt instantly related to her, the way she was thinking, her loves for books and then she started her own book blog. I think we could be soulsisters.
All she wants is a guy like her book boyfriend: caring, protective, handsome, sweet… But that’s only reserved for romance novels right? It can’t really happen.

Well, Ridge, a very good-looking guy from New York, turns up at her shop. He’s a reporter writing a piece on Ashford. This guy is hot and he seems to be very interested in Sarah. Sarah however is not sure about it. He eventually asks her out and the go on a beautiful picnic. These sounds were so wonderful, full of sparks and butterflies ;) They talk and talk about everything: books, traveling… Would she go traveling with him and leave her bookshop behind?

I loved the way he was always teasing her about her books and he read her blog, that’s so sweet. I especially adored the one including the genres, transferring it to their relationship…
For him everything was about her and he went for it. Can I have a guy like this please? BOOK BOYFRIEND!

Their relationship might has developed a bit fast, but that was totally fine, because I instantly felt that these two were meant for each other.

In Missy, Sarah has a great best friend. I love how Missy is looking out for Sarah, encouraging her in every way! She has a sweet little thing to share as well…

As you all know we’re in Ashford, so this little town is probably familiar with some of you. Remember, Lily, CeeCee or Damon? Well, we get to read about them again here, which is great! I loved their story and didn’t want to leave it, it’s amazing the Rebecca created this connection. Now I really can’t wait for the next Lily and Damon step!!!
Oh and CeeCee is just hilarious: Spacebook and Tweeter!!!! I’m still laughing ;)

Now, let’s quickly come back to Sarah and her loves for books. Her morning ritual with reading in her shop is so sweet and when he was passing by, running…
It’s great that she decided to share her passion on a blog, I mean who can understand that better than a book blogger.

Of course also the drama has a place in this novella. What about the article about Ashford that is published? Did Ridge really write that? I just hoped for them to sort everything out…

Rebecca’s writing is perfect, a brilliant storyline full of details. It’s sweet, romantic and just so remarkable!!!


My passible cast:

Sarah: Lucy Hale

Ridge: Ian Somerhalder

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Q&A with Rebecca Raisin

Time for another author interview, this time with the wonderful Rebecca Raisin. I loved reading her novellas and was so so happy when she said yes to a Q&A. Thank you Rebecca for answering my questions, I'm so glad I got to know you on Twitter, xxx.
Now enjoy ;)

I’m a full time writer from Perth, Australia. Love trying any genre of writing purely to see if I can do it! My debut novella Christmas at the Gingerbread Cafe was published in December by Carina UK and was an Amazon bestseller in romantic comedy. Mexican Kimono was published in December 2013 by Really Blue Books and is satirical chick lit.Snake Typhoon! Is a short story published by Carina UK Jan 24th 2014 and is an edgy action/adventure parody. The Heart of Bali is being published by Escape in March and is romance. Four more novels/novellas coming this year through Carina UK. I’d love to connect with you!

1.    Did you always dream of being a writer?

I guess deep down it was always a dream to write a book one day, but I really never thought it would happen. I’d just one of those pipe dreams we all have. I was in contact with an author who I’m a huge fan of, and he suggested I take a creative writing class, and I did and was immediately hooked!

2.    Your debut novella is called Christmas at the Gingerbread Cafe. Can you tell us a little bit more about it?

It’s a sweet romance set in the small town of Ashford. Lil, the owner of the Gingerbread Café is doing everything she can to keep her business going, and she’s still pining for her ex-husband who walked out on her. Newcomer, Damon strolls into town and sets up a shop across the road selling similar things to the café. Lil fights to save her business from the latest threat, but doesn’t bank on having feelings for the new guy. But why does he receive all those phone calls?

3.    Chocolate Dreams at the Gingerbread Cafe continues Lily’s and Damon’s story. What was your inspiration for these novellas and will we hear more about these characters?

Originally, it was only going to be Christmas at the Gingerbread Café, but I had so many people asking if there would be a follow up, and I was more than happy to write one! I missed those characters desperately! Especially CeeCee.

There will be one more after Chocolate Dreams, and I think that’s all for my favourite people from Ashford.

However Sarah from The Bookshop on The Corner now has her own story, coming June 2014!

4.    What does your family think about you being a writer?

Everyone is proud of me, and they support the amount of time I put into it. It’s been six years since I penned my first short story, so I guess they know it’s not just a passing phase! Ashley, my partner, reads all of my work, and gives me great feedback. He does draw the line when I bring my characters into conversation as if they’re real. And sometimes when I’m brainstorming ideas he pretends to get a phone call and walk off…I did threaten him I’d kill him off in a story if he keeps that up!

5.    What inspires you most when you’re writing?

My characters. If the story is working, and I’ve written past the halfway mark they seem to take over and become ‘real’. I always love that feeling, and hope it shows in the final story.

6.    What are you working on right now?

I’ve just finished The Bookshop on the Corner and now I’m about to start the last Gingerbread Series Christmas Story. I’m so excited! Back to the festivities, and the snow, and perhaps a wedding?

7.    Where and when do you write your stories?

I write at the dining room table! Not very exciting, but I write every day for at least four hours. I don’t write at night, I’d rather read by that point of the day.

8.    What do you do and enjoy when you’re not writing?

As a family we love entertaining and are lucky we’re all
‘foodies’. We spend a lot of time together cooking, and hanging out. We also love the beach. But the perfect day for me, is torrential rain, and a pot of coffee and a good book.

9.    The Heart of Bali is another one of your books. Can you tell us a little more about it and how is it different (in the style) of your other novellas?

I wrote The Heart of Bali before anything else, it just happened to be published last, as there’s different wait times with different publishers. Bali has a moderate to high heat level, and is one of few I’ve written like that. I much prefer writing and reading sweet romance where the sex scenes stop at the bedroom door, and it’s left up to the reader to imagine. But, I did want to see if I could write that kind of style, and I think it fits with the character Aurora in Bali, who throws caution to the wind and has a holiday affair.

10.  What is the best thing about being a writer?

Getting lost in a story is the very best place to be. I love it, and the thrill of finishing it, and hoping people like it!

11.  Who is your favourite author and why?

I have so many for various reasons, but if I had to choose I’d say Joanne Harris. I love her characters, and the magic she weaves through her stories. Bliss.

12.  The covers for the Gingerbread series are SO gorgeous. How were they developed?

Thank you! Actually, I had no input to the covers at all! They are designed by someone at Harlequin, and I just love them too! I always look forward to the cover reveal! I’m eagerly awaiting the cover for The Bookshop on the Corner!

13.  If you were shipwrecked on a desert island what 3 books would you want with you?

Good one! I’d take The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway, might be able to pick up some tips on survival!

The Night Porter by Mark Barry, because I’m waiting for it to be delivered and I can’t wait to read it! It sounds like my kind of book!

And Mansfield Lark by Katie Oliver, because it’s the last in the Dating Mr Darcy series and I want to find out how it all wraps up!

14.  If you could plan the perfect holiday, what would it be?

Lost in France. I wouldn’t need any planning, just some money, a backpack, and my family!

15. You live in Australia. What do you like most about this country?

We’re very laidback here, and Aussies have a great sense of humour. We have sunshine and nice beaches, not much to complain about :)

16. If the Gingerbread series would be turned into a movie, how would you cast the characters?

I’ve thought about this a lot! I keep picturing it as an ongoing series!
Emma Stone would be Lil. Damon would ne Matthew MacConaughey, and CeeCee, Irma P Hall.

17.  Coffee or tea? Coffee
18.  Paperback or e-reader? Both!
19.  Mountains or the sea? The sea
20.  Summer or winter? Winter!
21.   Sweet or salty? Hmm, sweet!

Thank you so much for having me! Great questions! xxx

Rebecca on Twitter: @jaxandwillsmum

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