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The Perfect Match - by Katie Fforde

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The blurb:

The wonderfully romantic new novel from the No. 1 Sunday Times bestselling author of Recipe for Love.

Three years ago Bella Castle left her home town nursing a broken heart over Dominic Thane, the man she fell in love with but couldn't have.

Now she's made a new life for herself in the country, working as an estate agent.

Bella loves her job and she loves her boyfriend Nevil. But recently he's been preoccupied, and she's starting to question if his future hopes and dreams are a perfect match for hers.

And when Dominic turns up unexpectedly in search of his dream house, she begins to wonder if home is really where the heart is. But she's over him, isn't she?

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher on NetGalley in exchange for an honest review*

The Perfect Match is the first Katie Fforde book I’ve read, but I’ve seen so many of her stories on TV. A German TV company produces Katie Fforde film based on her books and I really love them. I’m so glad I finally got round to reading one of her books.

Firstly, I’d like to say that I adore the cover. It’s so springy and colourful, the “perfect” match ;).

Bella is a wonderful character. She is an estate agent and left her home to live with her god-mother Alice. All the just because of a broken heart, are let’s rather say he was married and going to be a dad… So no chance, Bella couldn’t bare it and moved away. Now she is happy with Nevil, her boss. I had a really weird impression from him from the start and I didn’t like the way he was treating Bella. And his behaviour is getting weirder and weirder…
Then THE ONE turns up. Dominic Thane is the nephew of one of Bella’s clients. His life has changed a lot and we were about to find out more about their past. Their scenes together were so lovely and sweet and I was only waiting for something to happen between them, because the spark was definitely there. I took a while though…
Bella had to figure out what she had with Nevil and then she also found out about some illegal things he was doing. A good thing that Dominic is a solicitor, that meant they got to spend more time together.

There was not only Bella’s story to follow, but also Alice’s. Alice met a younger men in the train and that’s where their relationship started. Such a cute and romantic story with a sweet couple. Katie found a great way to share Alice’s feelings with us. I felt like their relationship developed a little to quickly though.
Unfortunately, I didn’t really like that Alice’s story interrupted Bella’s from time to time. They were connected, but the last thread of connection was missing for me and it felt like reading two different stories to me.

The last few scenes finally brought the drama, I was missing at first, into the story.

Dominic is such a great and caring character and it was adorable how protective of Bella he was.
His wife is all forgotten, in fact he might have had feelings for Bella before. You’ll find out, if you read it yourself ;) Dylan, “his little boy” brought some fun and joy into the novel and these moments were just so sweet. I loved how Bella was with him.
The scenes in the end really transmitted so much love and charm and the epilogue is just perfect….

Katie’s writing is sweet, adorable and emotional. I will definitely read more of her books.


My possible cast:

Bella: Marie Nasemann

Alice: Helen Mirren

Dominic: Christian Bale

Nevil: Matt Damon

Michael: Pierce Brosnan

Katie on Twitter: @KatieFforde

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