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A Moral Dilemma - by Zara Kingsley + GIVEAWAY

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 The blurb:

Think You'd Never Date A Married Man?..........Think Again!

Rebecca Hardy wasn't a naturally deceptive person, though she took quite well to the art of deception. Too well perhaps. She liked to think of it as helping someone out. Female camaraderie and all that. But it had all gone too far. She gone too far. She had, after all, ruined someone's life. Hadn't she?

Having theatrically caught her boyfriend cheating, Rebecca, convinced she was born in the wrong era, has had it with these modern day men. She has even less regard for these immoral modern day women, (of which she highly suspects her best female friend Abigail is one), who tend to prey on men in committed relationships. What is wrong with them?! Don't they care that they're breaking hearts and destroying lives?! Rebecca, with her high morals and family values, would never even consider dating a married man. Which is exactly why, it is of no surprise her friends are at serious odds, when Rebecca finds herself doing exactly that. Dating a married man...... Albeit, at the fervent request of his wife; the notorious Isabella Coombs.

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

Rebecca’s life is full of adventures. There is her job at Pamper Moi with her special colleagues and her boss, and then there are her friends Abi and Julia plus the boys, including Jeremy. She soon discovers that he is cheating on her and breaks up with him.

I loved that this novel was set in London, I adore this city and it was great to read about places I know.

Becky finds herself working closely for Isabella Coombs, who seems to be a nice and lovely woman. Then Isabella wants to test her husband’s faithfulness and sends Becky to flirt with him. She is his type apparently. At first he doesn’t seem to be interested at all, but then after a few dates they’re getting closer and soon Rebecca seems to be falling for him, without even realising it. Her friends and colleagues see it first.
But dating a married man? A real moral dilemma for Becky. The perfect title for this book.

Julia is engaged to Seb, the wedding was off already twice and it was hard to tell, whether what they had was real love. And then Abi, I didn’t quite get her character and sometimes it was too much for me with all of Rebecca’s friends included and also Jeremy wanting her back.
I was so focused on Rebecca’s story that I liked hearing about her friends, but not as a whole parallel plot though, that’s a bit of a pity for me here.

Zara’s style of writing is great though. It’s vivid and bubbly, full of energy and great scenes.

Isabella Coombs turns out to be a real bitch and everything gets into a real drama here, with a lot of misunderstandings and twists and turns. I just wanted Rebecca to finally be with her man!!!

Charles is a great character, I didn’t get him at first, but he’s so charismatic in the way he treats Rebecca and when he talks about his boys. It really comes from his heart.

I liked Rebecca’s energy and drive. She could give me some of that ;)


My possible cast:

Becky: Jessica Stroup

Charles: Bradley Cooper

Jeremy: Daniel Radcliffe

Zara on Twitter: @ZaraKingsley



  1. Sounds like a fab. read! Fingers crossed for the giveaway! ;-) xx

  2. Loved your description of Zara's writing Simona!

    Great review.

    Thank you for supporting Zara on tour.

  3. Sometimes a moral dilemma is a happy problem to have ;) Chic cover.

  4. Thanks for the great review,wonderful post and awesome giveaway! :)

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