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Closing In - by Sue Fortin + GIVEAWAY

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Original Cover
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The blurb:

Helen has had to leave everything she’s ever known behind; her home, her family, even her own name.
Now, returning to the UK as Ellen Newman, she moves to a small coastal village, working as a nanny for Donovan, a criminal psychologist. Attractive, caring and protective, this single father and his sweet daughter are a world away from Ellen’s brutal past. She thinks she’s escaped. She thinks she’s safe.
But Ellen can’t shake the feeling that something’s wrong.
Strange incidents begin to plague her new family, and their house of calm is about to become one of suspicion and fear. Who can be trusted? Who is the target? Who is closing in?

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

A simple and yet so effective cover, I love it 

Meet ellen Newman, a nanny starting her new job for Mr. Donovan, looking after his sweet and adorable little girl called Izzy.
We soon find out that Ellen has had a really tough and difficult past and doesn't want to be reminded of it. The way she looks out for little Izzy is so cute. The two of them together was a pleasure to read about.

Mr. Donovan is a crime psychologist and soon wants to find out, what Ellen is hiding. He saw her scars and constantly analyzes her when she speaks to him. He's a great father  his little girl is his everything. Carla is his PA, she is special and Ellen has herr difficulties with her especially at the beginning. 
Izzy's mum Amanda has some real problems and now she wants full costody for her daugther and is willing to do everything for that, you'll see (read it!)

Ellen and Donovan (yes, she addresses him with his last name) get to know each other more and kore and after a while she opens up and tells him part of her story, he finds out the rest himself ;) we know that Ellen's ex-boyfriend treated her badly and when strange things (weird incidents and accidents) begin to happen Round the town and donovan's house, the question is wherther Toby is behind it. Donovan doesn't want Ellen to leave and I loved , biw they slowly realied their feelings for each other and got closer and closer...
Donovan seems to be the perfect man for Ellen and he gives her security and most importantly she feels safe in his arms. Aww, I fell for him myself, I admit. He's protective, caring, sweet, smart, romantic and he's an awesome dad.

The three of them were looking like a family more and more and that was adorable to rad about. 

Next to Donovan only her best friend Kate knows where she is. It was interesting to learn more about Ellen's past. Then Toby turns up at the house and wants to convince Donovan that Ellen has mental problems, what will Donovan believe?
The drama and action increases more when kate calls and turns up with Toby, some terrible things happen and I only hope for Donovan to hear from it early enough. At one point I almost couldn't bare it anymore, so dramatic and thrilling and I got really scared.
 I couldn't put this book down, such a page turner, I loved every single minute of it. 

The last scene was so special and is actually calling for more, I'd really love this story to go on, also to find out his first name ;). This novel is gripping, vivid, dramatic, emotional, touching, adventurous  brilliant, catchy, adorable and much more, go read it now, it's worth every single page!!! 


My possible cast:

Ellen: Dianna Agron

Donovan: James Lafferty

Izzy: Isabelle Allen

Sue on Twitter:@suefortin1


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  1. I LOVE the cast list! And I love the review too. Thank you so much.


    1. I love Simona's casting too Sue!

  2. Awesome review Simona! So glad you loved Closing In.

    Thank you for supporting Sue on tour.


  3. What a great review Simona, I always love to read your reviews. Thank you for the chance if a give-away. Xxxxx