Sunday, 11 May 2014

The Heart of Bali - by Rebecca Raisin

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My own copy
 The blurb:

What happens when your break from real life shows you exactly how empty it actually is?

Focused and driven, Aurora has built her PR and event management company into a thriving success. But, it’s come at a cost. Her relationships suffer, and she has virtually no social life. When her boyfriend suggests a holiday to mend the bridges, it seems like a good idea to rekindle their attraction and make some new life choices. Instead, she finds herself in the tropical paradise of Bali, heartbroken and alone.

When Marcel, the hotelier, offers to show her the real Bali, she doesn’t hesitate — he might be just the pick-me-up she needs. Pinning Marcel as a Casanova, Aurora decides to have fun and not overthink things. Exploring her more sensual side brings a newfound confidence, and she finds herself falling for the French hotelier and the Bali he shows her...until an unexpected visitor arrives at the hotel.

As her holiday draws to a close, will Aurora choose to leave with good memories, or follow her heart?

My Opinion:

This novella was such a pleasure to read. The story is simple, but yet really fascinating.

Aurora finds herself alone and heart broken on beautiful and exotic Bali. What a great place to set a story, I loved reading about it; I really wanna go there now.

The attraction between Aurora and Marcel was obvious from the start; it was only a matter of time for them to get more intimate. They way their story progress was passionate and great to read about. The scenes were so vivid, described with such detail and heart. I real story to dive in.

It seems that this holiday is the perfect break for Aurora, although it started in the worst possible way. It makes her think about life and what she wants to do with it. Page after page she is realising her true feelings…

Both Aurora and Marcel seem to be falling for each other fast and hard. An unexpected guest adds some real drama to this novella and Marcel is a real hero at that moment.

We also hear more about his story, which was so lovely.

Passionate, hot, flirty, steamy, magical and adoring!!! 


My possible cast:

Aurora: Teresa Palmer

Marcel: Drew Roy (I know he’s a little young, so just imagine him to be older)

Rebecca on Twitter: @jaxandwillsmum

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