Saturday, 15 October 2016

The Bookish Box – Review

A few months ago I discovered the Harry Potter bookish box on Twitter or Instagram, I’m not even sure anymore. Of course when I checked the website of Appraising pages it was all sold out, but I decided to subscribe for the newsletter to get a notification that it is available again. Well, I got an email, but it was exactly when I reached the limit of my credit card and after fixing it, it was too late again. However, I decided to go fort he normal monthly bookish box.

I received three bookish boxes, the June, August and September one. As a bookworm I was of course really excited, especially for the first one. There are genres I don’t read and maybe some classics I don’t know, so not everything is for me. The first box I received was pretty good though, a bit Alice in Wonderland inspired. Unfortunately, I’m just not a big fan of the socks, the only ones I would probably be excited about would be Harry Potter ones. I like the shirt (grey with „Curiouser and curiouser") on it and then there’s a cute magnetic bookmark, a golden ring and a great notebook, I’m using it regularly. The theme of this one was Classics.

In the second bookish box my favourite thing was the shirt. It’s beige, very comfy and I love the quote. I’m wearing it regularly. There was also a cute tote bag in this box, a head band and some coffee. I have to be honest here I threw away the head band and I have never touched the coffee. The tote bag is great, but I already have so many and the style isn’t really mine, so I gave it away. The theme of this one was Fantasy. I used to be a great fan of fantasy books, but not anymore and there was nothing Harry Potter connected ;). I’m very happy with the Tolkien quote on my shirt though ;).

The last one I received was the August one, I was actually a bit surprised when it arrived, because I cancelled my subscription, probably too late for this box though. It turns out I was lucky, because I really like the things in this books with the topic Fairy Tales. The shirt is blue and once again, I really like the quote. Then there is a Peter Pan necklace, a watercolour Beauty and the Beast bookmark, a mug and Disney post it notes. I’m in love with the bookmark, it’s so pretty and the post it notes are so adorable. The mug looks fab, I have a lot of mugs already, but who cares?! The only thing I don’t really use/wear is the necklace, it’s not really my style.

Getting back to Harry Potter now, I received an email that the box is available on another website and of course I went for it. This box is just FAB! There is an awesome watercolour print (Expecto Patronum), it’s so pretty, I’m using it as a bookmark from time to time and otherwise it’s in my copy oft he Cursed Child (visible though) on my bookshelf. Then there is a coffee tumblr, I absolutely love it!!! Of course there’s also a shirt with a Dumbledore quote on it, in a very nice blue. I’m wearing it regularly ;). Lastly, there’s butterbeer bath salts and a necklace, both great. So obviously this is my favourite one.

Every box comes with a little paper listing the products and they all have a suitable quote on them, which is such a great idea.

Now, let me tell you, why I cancelled the subscription again. First of all, shipping to Switzerland is very expensive and paying that every month for a box that contains maybe 2-3 items I really like, is not worth it for me. As I just mentioned some oft he items are just not me, I didn’t like them and they are kind of a waste, what am I going to do with these things?! Everything from the website, tot he box, the packaging and more is great, but after three boxes I got kind of bored. I mean who needs that many t-shirt with the same cut?! I still think the box is a great idea and I might order it again. For now I had enough though.

If you’re a bookworm, then it’s definitely worth a go, but don’t be disappointed if the theme or the items don’t match your taste. 

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