Sunday, 23 October 2016

My Top 5 Sports to Watch

If you have known my for a while, you know that I love sports, well watching them that is. I’m pretty lazy myself when it comes to sports and training. Anyway, I enjoy watching them even more, so let me tell you about my favourites.

Ice Hockey

Having a local team in our city, made this sport very interesting for me. Our EVZ plays in Switzerland’s highest league and it’s exciting to see the games life. I have to be honest though, in the beginning I only watched on TV (it was too cold in the stadium), but then they built the new and it’s very much like one in the states, just smaller. The States yes, NHL!!!!!! Ever since seeing my first NHL game life in 2010, (Vancouver Canucks) I’ve been obsessed with the league. I have now seen four NHL games life and I follow the league like a crazy person at home, sometimes I even get up in the middle of the night to see a game. My favourite teams are the Dallas Stars, Tampa Bay Lightning and Vancouver Canucks. The game is fast, energetic and exciting. It’s sometimes hard to follow, but I just like everything about it, also some players yes ;).

Artistic gymnastics
I alsways liked watching this sport, but I got obsessed with it during the Olympics in Rio. What these gymnasts do is fascinating and great to watch. I especially wanted to see Giulia Steingruber, our Swiss girl, but the American ladies are absolutely brilliant!!! It’s also wonderful to see different nations coming together and because I watch all different artistic gymnastic events, I’m now pretty much an expert ;). I also got the taste of watching the men, not saying more here.


This is one I can’t really explain. I mean we have some pretty good players (Roger Federer or Stan Wawrinka) and I’ve liked following these games, ever since I remember. It can get very intense and mentally it can be really tough for the players, I really enjoy watching the different players.

There was a time when I hated this sport. I slowly got into it watching world or European championships. And yes in the beginning my motivation were the different players, especially one Swiss one (Tranquillo Barnetta). I kind of followed his actions and his teams and it became my fave team. I understood more and more about the rules and actually started enjoying and understanding the game. Now I’m still watching a lot of games from the German Bundesliga, over Champions League to the World Cup.


As a Swiss person, this one is pretty much a must ;). Skiing is big in our country. We have mountains and we also have very good athletes. I love following the different races and seeing them race down the hill.

What are your fave sports?

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