Sunday, 6 December 2015

The Twelve Words of Christmas - Why “Frosted” is my Favorite Holiday Word by Aven Ellis


by Aven Ellis

I love the word frosted. Perhaps that is because I have a sweet tooth and if anything is frosted-be it a cupcake, a cookie, a cake-it’s going to be a thousand times better because of the frosting. I can eat frosting with a spoon and be happy with-you guessed it-just the frosting.

But during the holiday season, frosted pops up in all kinds of beautiful ways. I love the frost that sometimes appears on cold December mornings here in Texas. Seeing frost on the grass and on the windows reminds me the weather is cold, the kind you can see your breath in, and I relish the change in temperature. I love the cold air on my cheeks, the alive feeling I get when embraced by frosty weather.

There’s also frosted ornaments, where they seem kissed by a touch of winter frost. I love the way they glisten on the Christmas tree. Seeing frosted glass nestled among the branches never fails to puts me in the holiday spirit.

Another frosted favorite is frosted cranberries. I adore cranberries-I love them in anything-and fresh cranberries coated in sugar add a festive touch to holiday desserts. A bowl filled with them looks beautiful as décor piece on the holiday table, too.

Of course, though, my favorite frosted comes back to where we started-with desserts. Sugar cookies piped with buttercream frosting-yes please! Cupcakes topped with white chocolate buttercream frosting to look like snow? I’ll have one.  After all, I think a few indulgences are allowed during the season. I’ll take mine in the form of frosted, please. 

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