Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Twelve Words of Christmas - Presents by Jo


by Jo

At Christmas we all dash around trying to find the perfect Christmas present for everyone but sometimes the best presents are the simplest of things. 

I remember a few years ago, my mum got Take That tickets (when they very first reformed) for my sister in law and my brother hid a note in a box (as we didn't have the tickets).  She opened the box expected it to be something completely different but when she saw that it was the tickets she wanted her face was a picture.  So it isn't about going out buying the most expensive gift it's about giving some thought to what someone would really like.

Personally I hate shopping for presents and then having to spend hours wrapping, but I do always try to personalise them in some way and get what I know my family and friends would like.

What I look forward to at Christmas is watching my nephew open his presents.  His face when he opens each one is priceless.  He just wants to play with every single one.  We all spoil him but that's what you should do with children.

Since he's come along it's reminded me that Christmas is about children and it makes me feel sad that some children and adults won't receive a gift this year.  So when I shop for my family's presents I will be adding extra in to put in the box at work for those who are in hospital this Christmas.

I hope everyone will add a present in their shopping for the ones that either can't afford it or the ones in hospital that may only receive that one gift this year.

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