Friday, 18 December 2015

The Twelve Words of Christmas – Pudding by Emma P.


by Emma P. 

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year. I love everything about it so when I heard that Simona was planning some posts around the 12 Words of Christmas I had to be involved.

My chosen word is Pudding. Now I have been a little bit cheeky here and decided that this includes all types of pudding that you would eat at Christmas not just Christmas Pudding.

I love food and if I could eat all day and not get fat I honestly would, but my favourite part of a meal is dessert. I have a very sweet tooth.

I grew up in a large household with very fussy eaters so at Christmas there were always a variety of deserts available. There was always a Christmas Pud, a Yule Log and Mince Pies. There was obviously a variety of accompaniments such as custard, double cream, and brandy butter to name a few.  Being a pretty indecisive person I would always want a bit of everything so my desert bowl would have a piece of Christmas pud, a mince pie a bit of yule log and a huge helping of cold custard. I would of course feel thoroughly sick after but every year I do the same.

Comment below with your traditional Christmas ‘puddings’

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