Saturday, 19 May 2018

We are going to San Francisco!!!

On Friday April 13 it was finally time to go to San Francisco. The drive was pretty short with just one stop on the way. We then started the first part of the city tour. It included driving over the bay bridge and getting a fabulous view of the city, Alcatraz and downtown. Then we saw downtown and headed to the water. Pier after pier, we then stopped and had time to explore. Our little group had lunch at Boudin, where we tried clam chowder. We were served the „soup“ in their sourdough bread, which was fab and it was also delicious. Afterwards we walked around Fisherman‘s Wharf and Pier 39, before finishing the city tour. The highlight: Driving over the Golden Gate Bridge and getting some photo time there. We also saw the Mrs Doubtfire house, Castro and Haight districts and many more. In the evening we went on a sunset catamaran cruise, which was amazing. The atmosphere and ambiance were great, the views spectacular and we actually sailed under the bride, so cool!!!! I loved every second of it. We also saw some dolphins 🐬😍. The night ended with Sushi by the pier with a few girls, it was sooo good!!!

The next day was a sleep in day and then I headed back to Fisherman‘s What with two of my ladies. We actually took the cablecar, which was fun. We all bought a Cali/San Fran jumper and hung out on Ghirardelli square. That‘s where the famous chocolate factory is and the view of the bay is fab. Right there we started our city bike tour. We had a guide and went along the coast line, over the bride. We stoped at the Palace of Fine Arts and by the beach, two fantastic photo opportunities. The bikes actually had gears, which made it a lot easier. After biking we went for lunch (Sushi again) and then headed back to the hotel to get ready for a night out. The evening started with a walking tour through Union Square and Chinatown. We also had dinner in Chinatown, before heading to our first stop, a cute hawaian bar, with great drinks! We played a drinking game there! Omg, it was so much fun!! The next and last stop was a bar/club very close by, that was cool! I left quite early, because I knew I had to get up early the next morning though, which was a shame.

The reason I had to get up early, was booking my Alcatraz cruise for 9.10 am. I got up and had a Starbucks coffee, which I enjoyed on the way to Pier 33. You already get great views of the city on the boat and it‘s also the best way to see „the rock“ (alcatraz) from a bit farther away. Arriving on the island means having a guide tell you everything important first. I then went to see a little movie on the island first, before starting the audio tour. It‘s a 45 minutes long tour, which is perfect, not too long, but you still get the whole picture. Prisoners and also people who worked there tell their story and you hear the slamming of the cell doors etc. It‘s definitely very interesting, but my fave thing: the view of the city and Golden Gate bridge. After the tour I explored the island a bit and then took the cruise back to the city. From there I walked to Pier 39 to see the sea lions and tried to find a Starbucks (Wifi). I found it. One close to Fisherman‘s Wharf, actually right where the cable car back to dowbtown starts. I then met up with one of the girls. We then explored Pier 39 a bit more and had lunch there (Wipeout Bar & Grill). Then we took the cablecar back. The time after was spent with relaxing and chilling. In the eveing we went to a bar close by, to enjoy the last evening together and say goodbye. It was fab to see everyone one last time, but also sad at the same time. In the morning some of us met up to have breakfast.

These two weeks have been awesome, full of great memories and experiences. I met so many wonderful people and it felt weird not being surrounded by them anymore. Special thanks to our driver Ray (you are a star!) and especially to our trip manager Jon!!!! Your knowledge of all the places we went to is huge, thanks for all the surprises and everything else you did!!! It was sooo much fun and I‘m very grateful for everything!!!!

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