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Sunshine and Sweet Peas in Nightingale Square - by Heidi Swain

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The blurb: 

The heart-warming new novel from the Sunday Timesbestselling author, perfect for fans of Carole Matthews, Milly Johnson and Cathy Bramley

Kate is on the run from her almost-divorced husband who is determined to have her back, and she has found the perfect place to hide... a little cottage on Nightingale Square in Norwich, far away from her old life in London. But the residents of Nightingale Square don't take no for an answer, and Kate soon finds herself pulled into a friendship with Lisa, her bossy but lovely new neighbour.

Within a matter of days Kate is landed with the job of campaigning the council to turn the green into a community garden, meanwhile all the residents of Nightingale Square are horrified to discover that the Victorian mansion house on the other side of the square has been bought by developers. But when all hope is lost, the arrival of a handsome stranger is sure to turn things around! 

Heidi Swain is the perfect summer read - you'll want to find your own green space, stretch out in the sun and dive into life at Nightingale Square.

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review*

We are always in for a treat with Heidi Swain. This time she takes us to a new setting, which also means getting to know new characters, yay!!!

We follow Kate, who is on the run from her almost ex-husband. He wants her back and she just wants to get away from him. In Nightingale Square she has found a great hiding spot. It’s a fab place, everyone meets there and a lot of gossiping and socializing is happening.

When developers buy the big mansion on the other side of the square all hope is lost. 

The sense of community is wonderful in this story and so are the friendships, which are portrayed. Kate is a very authentic and real characters, who went through a lot in her life, but fights for what she wants. 

This book has it all! A wonderful set of characters, a fab setting, plenty of surprises, a bit of mystery and love. 

The book is full of twists and turns, the storyline flows beautifully and Heidi Swain's style is just wonderful. 

It's a cosy romance, perfect for a sunny day in the garden. 


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