Tuesday, 1 May 2018

San Diego

In the morning of day 2 we went en route to San Diego. It would have been a beautiful ride, but the weather was not good, too many grey clouds and you couldn‘t even see the difference between the land and the ocean.

We had our city tour right way. It‘s a great way to get an overview. Our first stop was Coronado Island, so cute. We then grabbed some lunch in downtown and went shopping a little bit. Then it was time for some speed boating. It was two together in a boat. I was a little nervous at first, but it turned out to be so much fun and quite easy. We cruised the bay and got a fab view of the San Siego skyline and the Coronado bridge. We also got to play around and try things. It was quite windy and fresh, but totally worth it.
In the evening we went to the old town first for dinner. Old town is adorable, it reminded me of Key West. Cute old houses, so many details, I loved it. Then we headed into town for a night out. Some bull riding and lots of dancing was involved.

We got to spend another day in San Diego! After a short night some of us headed to the zoo. I‘m happy I got up, cause I want to see things, sleeping in would just mess up the whole day. San Diego has a very pestigious zoo apparently. It‘s big and there is so much to see. So many fabulous animals, my faves were the giraffes. My zoo highlight was the skyfari though. A cable car going over the whole zoo. You don‘t really see the animals, but you get a fantasic view over the city, so pretty.
In the afternoon we headed to Mission Beach. The weather cleared up in the morning already and it was nice and warm. We rented some bikes and just drove along the beach. It‘s so pretty, full of palm trees and some beach vibes. The houses have this Florida touch, I just love it. I also put me feet in the Pacific Ocean, some actually went in properly. It was just too cold for me. It felt good though and I just loved the sand.
We had a chilled evening/night afterwards with some pizza at the hotel. An early night, definitely needed that.

San Diego is awesome! I loved every second of it. The beach, the palm trees, the chilled atmosphere, just fab!

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