Saturday, 26 May 2018

The Royal Wedding - Harry and Meghan

Last week Harry and Meghan had their big day and omg it was so beautiful. I thought, I'd share my fave parts and highlights in a blog post. 

I have always like Price Harry and I loved Meghan in Suits. I'm really happy they found their happy end. 

Ok let's start with the dress. 

It's definitely not what I expected, but it's so elegant and pretty. It's suits her really well and even though it's simple, the vail and the tiara are the perfect details. Simple earrings, a bracelet and that's it. 

Now this dress is PERFECT!!! I'm in love!

Her hair and make-up were wonderful as well. I adore the fact that you were able to see her freckles. Her make-up was very natural, to to much, nude lips, I love it. She had her hair up, just some loose strands around her face. 

Meghan had so much grace walking up the aisle and when Prince Charles joined her, I could't hold my tears anymore. Such a touching moment. 

The look of LOVE!!!


This is possibly my favourite picture of the day!!!

Princess Charlotte, adorable!!! Oh and btw, the Duchess of Cambridge was not wearing white, it was a light yellow. And the reason she looked tired: She has two kids and a newborn!!!

Now let's talk about the style of the wedding guests. 

Wow, look at them! The yellow dress suits Amal perfectly, the hat is gorgeous and George looks great as well. 

I love this dress and the hat is pretty as well. Well done, Sofia Wellesley. 

Gina Torres!! That dress, LOVE!!

Gabriel Macht and his wife Jacinta Barrett. I love her dress: the cut, the color and the hat!!! On point!

Patrick J. Adams and his wife Troian Bellisario. The more I look at her dress, the more I like it. 

Kitty Spencer. The hat is perfect. I love the color and the cut of the dress, the flowers are a bit much. 

Meghan's best friend Jessica Mulroney. The color of this dress is beautiful, what a great outfit. 

There is a reason I chose a picture without Victoria Beckham. David looked great and rocked his outfit. She had a pretty outfit, but maybe a little smile would have helped, she looked like she was going to a funeral. 

What were your fave moments and who was best dressed in your eyes?!

I was actually surprised not to see any foreign royals, but I guess they didn't invite any politicians, so the same went for royals from other countries. 

The official wedding photos the Kensington Palace released are adorable as well. 

Photo Credits: Kensington Palace, Telegraph, Hello Magazine. 

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