Friday, 4 May 2018

Book of the Month - April

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The books I read this month:

-      You Me Everything –by Catherine Isaac 5/5
-      The Holiday Cottage by the Sea –by Holly Martin 4.5/5
-      A Royal Shade of Blue –by Aven Ellis 5/5
-      Paris Ever After –by K.S.R. Burns 2/5
-      Gone Viking –by Helen Russell 3/5

Two clear winners! They are very different from each other, but very special: 

You Me Everything – Catherine Isaac

The bit on the back:

You and me, we have history.
We have a child together.
We have kept secrets from each other for far too long.
This summer, in the beautiful hills of the Dordogne, it is time for everything to change.
You, Me, Everything is a heartfelt and unforgettable novel about the lengths we are prepared to go to for those we love.

My opinion:

An amazing story, full of fascinating details!! BRILLIANT and BEAUTIFUL!!!
The book includes so much: difficult topics, family, memorable scenes, wonderful characters, love and so much more. The way the story is told, makes the reader hooked and it's a place you never want to leave again. You Me Everything - Review

Catherine Isaac on Twitter: @CatherineIsaac_

A Royal Shade of Blue – Aven Ellis

The bit on the back:

When art history student Clementine Jones receives a message complimenting her latest internship project, she doesn’t hesitate to answer it.
She never dreamed that this decision would not only change her life but the future of the British monarchy as well.
Her response leads Clementine to the mysterious CP Chadwick, a British man studying history at Cambridge. Clementine finds CP charming, smart, and unlike any man she’s ever met. Most of all, when she confides her medical past to CP, his perception of her doesn’t change. He doesn’t treat her as fragile like her parents do. CP sees her as normal, which is something she cherishes.
Clementine, however, has no idea that CP is actually Prince Christian of Wales, who has never had a “normal” life. Christian is at a crossroad. His destiny is to be a working royal, but he is desperate to fill that role in his own way. Wary of others, he’s kept himself closed off from the world—until he lets Clementine in.
A royal romance is never a fairy tale, but Clementine and Christian are determined to write their own version. Can they overcome their own fears—as well as the constraints of a royal life—to reach their own happily ever after? 

My opinion:

A royal romance?! Hell yes!!!! Aven Ellis managed to create this wonderful now world, fab characters, brilliant storyline, humour and just PERFECT!!! It’s fresh, new, exciting, gripping, vivid and full of so many great details. Aven Ellis just has a gift for capturing feelings and emotions in such an authentic, passionate and real way. 

Aven Ellis on Twitter: @AvenEllis

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