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Summer Secrets at the Apple Blossom Deli - by Portia MacIntosh

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The blurb: 

Lily Holmes is ready for a fresh start. And there’s no better place to begin again than the idyllic seaside town of Marram Bay.

All Lily wants to do is focus on making her new deli a success and ensuring her son’s happiness. Not the postcard creeping out of her handbag, and definitely not finding a new man in her life!

But this isn’t going to be as easy as she first thought. The town is in uproar about the city girl who’s dared to join them and she’s fighting a battle at every turn.

Perhaps with a little help from the gorgeous cider farmer next door, she may be able to win them over, but her past secrets threaten to ruin everything…

The brand new laugh-out-loud romantic comedy from bestseller Portia Macintosh. Perfect for fans of Jo Watson and Tilly Tennant.

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review* 

A new part of their lives awaits Lily Holmes and her son Frankie in the seaside town of Marram Bay. She will manage a deli there; her company even gave her a cottage to live in. 

Things are not easy and they get more complicated when she arrives. It turns out the locals don’t want the deli and they don’t want Lily there. Frankie struggles at school with his teacher and he doesn’t have friends. The mothers turn against Lily as well. Luckily they find Clara and Henry, who are really nice, as well as Alfie, their neighbour from the farm. The two of them have instant chemistry and he tries to help her with the locals as well. 

Lily hires Channy though and hears all the gossip, also things about Alfie. Is he really just a womanizer and goes on date after date?!

When Frankie’s dad turns up, things get even more complicated and Alfie’s vet friend Charlie definitely adds some drama as well.

The story has a very exciting and interesting storyline with a great flow. It’s a roller-coaster ride for Lily, full of a lot of sweet and memorable moments. Portia MacIntosh captured them beautifully. Frankie added some sweetness as well and I just adored the scenes between Alfie and Lily. 

The ending is wonderful and it’s great to see the change in everyone. The book is about juggling single motherhood and a job, but so may other things as well. It’s romantic, sweet, vivid, fresh, I really like Portia MacIntosh’s writing style.
The characters in this book are well well lined out and relatable. 

It’s the perfect holiday read full of highlights and exciting moments!


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