Monday, 20 November 2017

So many books, so little time

All my fellow book lovers and book bloggers know this problem. There are so many fabulous books out there, but just not enough time to read them.

As a book blogger I have a never ending TBR, it’s full of ARCs, but also books I bought and really want to read. It’s always difficult to decide what book to read next. I usually look at pub dates and try to review around those. Then I have my blog tour dates and I always try to I book I bought in between. This gives a good mixture. Sometimes I also change the genre, just to get into another world.

Now, what helps me to get some reading time every day?!

-       I always read before going to bed, sometimes only for a short period, because I’m tired, other times I read the whole night.
-       Weekends! I read a lot during weekends, because I have more time and I try not to spend too much time on school work and other things.
-       Use your commute. This is a bit of a difficult one form e, because I go to work by car, but I always bring my iPad or book, you never know when you get the time.
-       Holidays! I catch up on a lot of my reading during holidays.
-       Read what really interests you.
-       Set goals.
-       Cut down on social media time.
-       Whenever you have some time in between, read.

Of course these are not always possible, but you can at least try. I set your own reading goals and as long as you are happy, everything is fine. I haven’t reached my goodreads challenge goal last year, but there were some clear reasons and after all we are not machines right?!

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