Friday, 24 November 2017

A Christmas Wedding - by Paige Toon

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The blurb:

The short story eBook sequel to Thirteen Weddings, from bestselling author Paige Toon. 
Four years ago, following that fated thirteenth wedding, Bronte fled the UK and has been happily burying her head in the sand ever since. But when an email lands in her inbox from Alex, it seems her past might be about to catch up with her right here in Sydney. Is it time for Bronte to finally face her demons?
With links to The Last Piece of My HeartLucy in the Sky and One Perfect Summer , this short story ebook sequel to Thirteen Weddings is a must for all fans of Paige Toon.

Get ready for Christmas with a heartwarming short story from Paige Toon, perfect for fans of Giovanna Fletcher and Adele Parks.

My Opinion:

Paige Toon is one of my fave authors, so I was obviously very excited for this book. I adore her characters and the world she created around them, it’s always so wonderful to go back to them.

Bronte now lives in Sydney and is still happy with Lachie. A lot has changed though and we she gets a surprising email by her ex Alex everything comes up again.

Does she still have feelings for him?! Is she happy with her work?! How about Lachie?! Question after question…

I just loved following Bronte on this journey, going through so many ups and downs and figuring out what she really wants. Paige Toon captured that beautifully and I was hooked from the start. Her writing style is engaging, fresh, authentic, brilliant and just on point.

Reading about other characters from her pervious stories just adds even more uniqueness to the story. We get to catch up with so many of them and that’s just awesome.

This book is absolute perfection and it showed me once again, how talented Paige Toon is. The world she created around her characters is unique and I love, how they are all connected in some way. The ending is perfect and just makes me want to read another book by her.



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