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Dear Dad – by Giselle Green

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The blurb:

Three people longing to find love. Connected by one big lie.
Handsome, 28-year old, Nate Hardman is a frontline reporter with a big problem. Suffering from shell-shock and unable to leave his house, he’s already lost his social life and his girlfriend. Now his career prospects are sinking fast.
9 year-old Adam Boxley who lives alone with his ageing nan, also has big problems. Neglected at home and bullied at school, he’s desperate to reach out to his dad – and that’s when he sends his first letter to Nate. Only Nate’s not who he thinks he is. Will he help? More importantly – can he?
Across town meanwhile, caring but impulsive teacher Jenna Tierney really wants to help Adam - except the feisty redhead has already had enough of teaching. Recently hurt by yet another cheating boyfriend, Jenna’s now set her sights on pursuing a dream career abroad ... only she’s about to meet Nate - her dream man who’ll make her re-think everything.
The big question is; can three people desperate to find love, ever find happiness when they’re only connected by one big lie?

My Opinion:

*Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

This story follows three different characters, all longing for love and happiness. Their lives entangle and the story gets really emotional and touching.

Nate Hardman is a frontline reporter, but at the moment he is unable to leave the house. No social life, his ex-girlfriend is getting married and lots of panic attacks.
Nate gets a letter from 9 year-old Adam. He gets bullied at school and lives with his nan, but he is more looking after her than she after him.
Nate is not the dad, but can he help?!

Jenna Tierney is Adam’s teacher. She’s going through a break-up and looking for another job, hopefully far far away. But then she meets Adam and she meets Nate, who she thinks is his dad.

Both Nate and Jenna are trying to help Adam and at the same time they are also helping each other. Nate goes out, doesn’t hide anymore, he opens up to her and she opens up to him. Soon, both of them realize that they have feelings for each other. But Nate still hasn’t told her the truth…

This book is a real page turner, full of touching and sweet moments and I was hooked. Giselle found a great way to include the character’s feelings and it all came across very authentic and real. I liked that both Jenna and Nate got to tell the story and the scenes between them were my faves.

A very emotional book with a wonderful storyline, definitely worth reading!!!


My possible cast:

Nate: Scott Erlod

Jenna: Caterina Scorsone

Giselle on Twitter:@gisellegreenuk

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  1. Ooh I love your cast for my novel, Simona! Great review - and I am so happy you enjoyed it. Thank you for reviewing for me.