Saturday, 21 May 2016

A Special Weekend - Choir Concert Version

As most of you probably know I sing in a choir. We are called „Audite Nova Zug“ and sing a mixture of classical things like masses or requiems, but also acapella songs rock/pop or musicals.

A concert weekend with our choir actually starts the Monday before the concert with our last rehearsal in our normal rehearsal place. We usually just do a run through all the pieces we sing.

The next time we me after that is usually a Thursday (if the concerts are on Saturday and Sunday). We usually assemble on stage and place ourselves. Most of the time there are three people per voice group in one group, that can differ though. I like to stand in the first row. First of all because I am small and I want to see something and I just like the first row. It’s funny how some people want to stand in first row, but when they realise that they are not seen there (steps and orchestra in the way) they move to the back. In the soprano section we always have some discussions, because everyone feels like “I have to stand here and I don’t move”. After placing ourselves we do a warm up and then the rehearsal stars. It’s always the first rehearsal with the orchestra. The rehearsals before that are usually done with a pianist, so that our conductor can actually do his job.
So we do a run through, but with stops in between. There our conductor makes some corrections, says a few things and some pieces just have to be done several times, because the timing between orchestra and choir is not accurate or something like that.
In the break we always practice leaving the stage and walking on stage. That might sound stupid, but it’s really important. People look at this and they like having a clear order.
Well, and then we just continue until we’re done.

The day after we have another rehearsal (Friday). There we do a proper run through without any interruptions. Of course we do a warm up first and there are always things to discuss.

Then there is Saturday! The day of the first concert. The concert usually starts at 7.30 pm. We have lots to prepare before, like numbering seats or putting out programs. I always volunteer for jobs like this, because I want to help. Then we have a warm up and about 10 to 15 minutes before the concert starts we stand in our rows, ready to head to the venue and on stage. Then it all stars. Most of the time we have a break in between as well. Before the concert there is always an introduction to the piece and the composer for the audience.
After the concert it’s time to catch up with guests and see if they liked it.

On the Sunday we have a second concert, that one starts at 5.00 pm. Same procedure as Saturday, the only difference is that we have an aperitif for our sponsor after the concert. We all work there and help and it’s also great to have our guests join.

After a week like that I’m just exhausted ;) Using the voice and the long standing are all you need for that. That’s why we usually don’t have a rehearsal the day after. 

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